If you're having problems using your YubiKey with LastPass:
  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of LastPass available from https://lastpass.com/
  2. Visit this test page and press your YubiKey: https://lastpass.com/debug_yubikey.php
    NOTE: Some YubiKeys output a different result if you hold down the button for 1second vs 3seconds: be sure to try both!
  3. If the test succeeds:
       Let us offer you more assistance by entering the test details into your Support Ticket. If you have not created a Support Ticket yet, please do so by clicking here.
  4. Otherwise, if the test fails:
       Visit this second test page: http://demo.yubico.com/ and send the results to Yubico for analysis

    NOTE:LastPass supports Dvorak keyboard layouts. As of January 2010, Yubico has issues supporting some non-QWERTY keyboard layouts. If you are using a non-standard keyboard, please contact them for an update if your keyboard layout is supported.
    NOTE:If you used Yubico's personalization tool to change your key that you likely invalidated it. To restore it to a working state, please refer to this page: Upload AES Key To Yubico or follow these instructions:
    1. Download the Yubico Personalization Tool from Yubico.
    2. Use the "Configure a YubiKey for upload to the Yubico server" option.
    3. It links to the upload site and you should test the key after you enter the key details.