LastPass <3's Students

LastPass is giving all university students 6 months of LastPass Premium to help you manage your digital life as you settle into a new semester! LastPass Premium will help you take full advantage of LastPass' cross-browser, cross-platform awesomeness - including mobile apps for your smart-phone or tablet!

NOTE: If you registered your LastPass account with an email address other than your university email address, you will still be able to upgrade your LastPass account after receiving the email.

NOT JUST .EDU: We try to support all accredited universities around the world. If your university email address is not accepted, you may email for assistance.

Don't see the email? Check your Spam folder first. If you have further questions or problems, please email for assistance from the LastPass team.

Don't use LastPass yet? LastPass helps you generate and store passwords, sync data across all your browsers and machines, and generally take control of your digital life. Create an account today, install the LastPass addon in your browser(s) and come back to redeem your student upgrade!