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Go beyond password vaulting with LastPass Cloud Single Sign-on

How do you promote innovation and allow employees to use the latest cloud-based tools, without creating more hassle with passwords and risking company data?

LastPass Cloud Single Sign-on increases security without slowing your employees down. Available as a complement to your company's existing single sign-on architecture or as a complete authentication solution, LastPass works behind-the-scenes to secure federated access to the cloud using SAML. With LastPass you control who gets access to which applications, as well as automate provisioning and de-provisioning of users, all from a single administrator portal.

With LastPass Enterprise, you can consolidate two services into one. Why pay more to manage two separate platforms for SSO and password vaulting, when you can have both in a unified interface for administrators and end users? With LastPass, your employees' network credentials will now serve as the key to every SAML app and every secure website they store.

Federated access management for your cloud-based services

LastPass Cloud Single Sign-on utilizes SAML, the industry standard for federated identity management. Once logged in, employees are granted access to any web-based application they need, with a single click on our simple, intuitive interface. No need to remember login URLs, let alone usernames or passwords. Our portal supports numerous applications, and new ones are added upon request.

Employees remember one password

A monitor covered in sticky notes may be corporate office cliche, but compromised security is no laughing matter.

Employees login to LastPass with their master password and have immediate access to their designated applications and their password vault. This makes for a seamless end user experience, moving between their stored passwords and their designated applications without having to re-authenticate.

LastPass lets your employees spend more time doing what they were hired to do, while keeping the organization's data more secure than ever before. You can expect increased productivity, decreased help desk calls for password resets, and increased application adoption, with a real impact on the bottom line.

Streamlined directory integration and provisioning

Simplifying Active Directory (AD), SSO, and LDAP integration is a must-have for a lean, efficient organization. With in-house applications governed by Microsoft's Active Directory and cloud-based tools run by their own native directories, mapping and managing accounts drains valuable IT resources and forces users to maintain multiple IDs and passwords.

LastPass solves that problem with robust single sign-on that integrates Active Directory with SaaS applications, allowing employees seamless access to applications on both sides of the firewall.

LastPass streamlines identity management for cloud-based applications using the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) model. Immediate user synchronization keeps directories updated automatically and pushes the information to the cloud as needed, making provisioning and de-provisioning painless.

One centralized control panel for administrators and auditors

System administrators love LastPass because everything is handled through a single, easy-to-use portal.

With over 50 policy options, administrators can customize the level of security, such as mandating the use of multifactor authentication across the organization. Configurable reports can be generated with just a few clicks, centralizing reviews and compliance requirements.

Real-time on-boarding and off-boarding

Whether it's an emergency, a data breach, or a routine employee out-processing, the quicker you can disable a user's access, the more secure your system. LastPass allows you to rescind a user's authorization in a second, blocking access with a single click.

Secure authentication for any device, even BYOD

For all the benefits of BYOD policy, maintaining security standards on mobile devices can be a challenge. With LastPass, your employees can carry robust security and single sign-on capability wherever they go, on any device, from a company-issued tablet to a personal smartphone, so your employees can take advantage of a BYOD policy without sacrificing your company's security.

If you're ready to maintain your organization's competitive advantage with a comprehensive password security and access management solution, start your free trial today.

LastPass Enterprise Logo LastPass Enterprise protects company assets while making employees’ jobs easier, all in a convenient, clean, customizable package. Get started today and start managing your organization with ease.

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