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LastPass Business typically pays for itself within 4-5 months, not to mention increased employee productivity and reduced frustration. This page uses our standard pricing in USD. Discounts are available for non-profits and educational institutions.

LastPass Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to uncover the hidden costs of forgotten passwords, new employee setup, and decreased employee productivity. See how quickly LastPass Business pays for itself, and then some.

Let's estimate your return on investment after one year with LastPass.

Your Current Costs

Total number of employees (minimum of 5) employees
Average number of help desk calls per employee, per year.
Analysts say a typical employee calls the help desk 21 times per year.
calls per employee, per year
Percentage of help desk calls that are password related.
According to Forrester, 25% to 40% of all help desk calls are due to password problems or resets.
Average cost of a help desk call.
Analysts say the average cost of a password related help desk call is between $20-$30 USD.
Total annual password related costs.
(# Employees) X (Average calls per year) X (% of calls due to passwords) X (Average cost per all)
USD per year

LastPass Business Licensing Costs

Total number of employees.
(entered above)
Estimated investment per employee, per year. USD per employee per year
Total annual LastPass licensing costs
(# Employees) X (LastPass cost per year)
USD per year

Return on Investment Analysis

Annual password related costs.
(calculated above)
USD per year
Annual LastPass licensing costs.
(calculated above)
USD per year
Time before break even.
Return on Investment after 4 months.
USD savings after 4 months
Return on Investment after 8 months.
USD savings after 8 months
Annually recurring ROI
USD savings annually