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Secure your LastPass account with a master password only you know, and keep the rest of your passwords locked up and easy-to-find in your LastPass vault.

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Not only is your vault locked with a password that's never shared with LastPass, we use bank-level encryption to scramble your data for secure transfer and storage. We go beyond industry standards to keep your data safe.

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My finances, health records, and personal business are all conducted online, and 'one-password-fits-all' is a huge security risk I'm not willing to take.

Tom O.

1.5-year user, 60 sites

The LastPass apps are invaluable. Gone are the days of separating work from personal. LastPass allows me to put all my eggs in one secure basket.

John P.

4-year user, 156 sites

I feel safer knowing I have a much reduced risk profile; when sites get hacked I know I’m protected with a randomly-generated, unique password from LastPass.

Jeff M.

4-year user, 100+ sites

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