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LastPass Enterprise is trusted and loved by thousands of IT professionals and companies. Our Enterprise customers consistently remark on the value LastPass provides, and the flexibility in customizing it for their needs. But don’t take our word for it, we’ve rounded up LastPass Enterprise customer testimonials below.

“This saves us countless hours and even more sleep.”

We use LastPass to manage passwords for everything from internal servers and devices to SaaS applications. As the IT Director, I sleep better knowing that when an employee is granted access to  a device or service via LastPass we are not disclosing login credentials. We can then simply revoke the access from an individual without having to reset passwords and redistribute them. This saves us countless hours and even more sleep.”

–Tanya Miller, Director of IT, Hootsuite

“Convenient, secure, and simple”

LastPass Enterprise is one of those rare tools you probably never knew that your business can’t live without. It tackles a really difficult problem in a way that both users and management alike will quickly agree is much more convenient, secure, and simple to administrate that anything else on the market. File and credential sharing, notifications, and reporting are just icing on an already very sweet package.

Eric Jensen, Chief Technology Officer, Truenorthlogic

“We rely on LastPass all day long”

Our Zirtual Assistants rely on LastPass all day long to access the diverse set of tools and websites that they need to support our customers. The LastPass admin tools allow us to enforce security policies and password standards to help keep our clients’ data safe and secure.

Collin Vine, Co-Founder, Zirtual

The Shared Folders feature is our favorite, and we love the easy mobile access. As an admin, I think the management tools are key to how effective LastPass is as a password solution. We really like how the overall platform allows us to achieve “password security utopia” – unique, strong passwords with no need to memorize them. Our team’s happy they only have to worry about the one master password. The SAML based SSO is the icing on the cake!

Brandon Tarbet, IT Operations Manager – CashStar, Inc.

LastPass is a great product with reasonable Total Cost of Ownership. We appreciate how easy it has been to deploy to over 100 users. Our employees find it simple to use, and I especially value the flexible administrative capabilities.

Miroslav Svoboda, Operations Manager – GoodData


Few tools make my digital life more secure and more convenient, LastPass does both in spectacular fashion. In my list of indispensable technology, LastPass tops the list. LastPass revolutionized how we share company accounts. We are more secure, efficient, and it simply makes our lives easier. LastPass began as an excellent password manager and has become my digital wallet and secure brain. I would not want to attempt life online without it.

Keith Crawford, Sr. IT Consultant - Mainstream Technologies

I wanted to increase our company’s security at the user level. In looking at the most recent high-profile hacks, password compromise and password reuse often played a role, and a finding a way to encourage and even reward better password management by our users looked like an obvious win. Ultimately LastPass’s excellent user interface and pleasant, intuitive function won out over the others - and I have a number of employees tell me they can’t imagine going back to the way they used to work.

Chief Information Security Officer, Americas - Leading Financial Services Provider

We love LastPass! This is exactly what we'd hoped it would be for us. We no longer have passwords scattered all over, everyone always has the most current access credentials, and we've let employees go without having to change every password they had access to. From an administrative perspective, this is one system that is almost virtually hands-free, and we use it about 1,000 times a day.

Sr. IT Manager - Leading Advertising Agency

The organizational process in which my staff moved from individual LastPass Premium accounts to a linked LastPass Enterprise account was surprisingly straightforward. I was impressed at the breadth of enterprise-level policies allowing the global application of company-wide security processes. Additionally, the Users and Groups functionality worked exactly as expected, allowing me to segment and allocate access to groups of credentials based on their team within my company (e.g. Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT) as-advertised.

IT Director - Digital Software Company