Convenient directory integration

Use your existing Identity Provider to automate and secure user management.
Streamline user management
Reduce the time it takes to onboard new users to LastPass and secure company passwords when an employee leaves.

Centralize onboarding

Instantly provision employees with a LastPass account and build company-wide adoption.

One-click offboarding

Immediately remove employee access to passwords when they leave or a project ends.

Automate with Groups

Apply permissions and grant shared access with the groups in your directory.

Integrate with your source of truth
We support the most popular directories so you can save your IT staff valuable time and keep your data more secure.

Microsoft™ Active Directory

A configurable, lightweight client that syncs user profiles from your on-premise AD.

Microsoft™ Azure AD

Through a SCIM API, our Azure AD endpoint syncs user profiles from your consolidated cloud directory.


Provision and deprovision from your single sign-on provider through a SCIM API.

Custom API

Larger enterprises with complex onboarding needs can leverage our flexible, powerful API.