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My finances, health records, and personal business are all conducted online, and 'one-password-fits-all' is a huge security risk I'm not willing to take. LastPass is like my own set of keys, unique to all my accounts; my security is in my control.

Tom O., 1.5 year user, 60 sites

I’ve got better things to do than worry about passwords! LastPass lets me stay focused on what really matters.

Alexis D., 1-year user, 56 sites

One tool to rule them all. I use Windows at work and a Mac at home, LastPass works the same on both! My work uses the same bank as me, and with the multiple login feature I can easily choose which account to log into. I use LastPass Secure Notes for capturing information about equipment, licenses and expiration dates. The LastPass apps are invaluable. Gone are the days of separating work from personal. LastPass allows me to put all my eggs in one secure basket.

John P., 4-year user, 156 sites

Just yesterday I had another great reminder why I love LastPass. A site I use was compromised and I was concerned about my credentials putting other services at risk. I checked my LastPass vault and the credentials were not used on any other site AND I had used a randomly generated 13 character password. I feel much safer knowing I have a much reduced risk profile in situations like this.

Jeff M., 4-year user, over 100 sites