Introducing the New LastPass

LastPass 4.0 makes it easy for anyone to get started with secure password management. Only remember one master password, and safeguard the rest in LastPass.

  1. Convenient Tools

    Click any number of items, drag and drop, or hover to access entries.

  2. Search

    Quickly find anything you’ve stored in your vault for safekeeping.

  3. Adjustable View

    Grid or List, you choose! Organize your way with flexible sort options.

  4. Easy Navigation

    Access your favorite features quickly, with fewer clicks.

  5. Enhanced Icons

    A new, updated look with big, beautiful tiles.

  6. Add Button

    Instantly saves new sites, notes, profiles, and more.

Be prepared with Emergency Access.

Plan ahead for the unexpected by giving trusted family or friends access to your vault in case of an emergency.



Now there’s one convenient place to manage all the items you've shared and that others have shared with you, including Shared Folders.


Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and the hassle of remembering your passwords. Automate your passwords and improve your security with LastPass.

Fill Every Password

LastPass remembers every login and signs in for you — no typing required.

Generate Strong Passwords

Create smart passwords that are long, complex, and different for every account.

Only YOU Know Your Passwords

Not even LastPass knows your passwords, and only you can unlock your vault.