The LastPass Pre-Build Team

We're looking for a group of individuals willing to try the half-baked features LastPass is working on; give us comments, and help us find issues we wouldn't otherwise see (e.g. localization issues, or specific site problems). You'll also get a chance to help shape the product by providing your input while it's still being formed.

The Pre-Build Team is not for everyone: you should be comfortable installing and uninstalling software, willing to deal with needing to reinstall the last release to fix functionality, and potentially willing to upgrade on day-to-day type basis. You should also be willing to fully describe issues that are occurring, or exact steps you can take to reproduce the issue. There is also a much higher risk of loss of data, so we'll want you to back up your data on a regular basis. Also there may be builds with additional debugging turned on, so you're at a greater privacy risk.

With all that said if you're still interested please send us the email you'd like us to contact you at: