Unlock Your LastPass Account

Why am I here?

To ensure the safety of our users, LastPass keeps track of security breaches at other sites that result in leaked or stolen login credentials. We make sure compromised credentials can't be used by bad guys to gain unauthorized access to anyone's LastPass account. You may be seeing this page because you used your LastPass master password as a regular password on a site that was compromised.

Tip: Password reuse jeopardizes your online safety and personal data. Use LastPass to avoid reuse by generating and remembering strong, unique passwords for each of your sites.

What next?

We've temporarily disabled your account to prevent unauthorized access by hackers or other bad guys.

To get back in action, follow these steps::

  • Make sure you're in a familiar location, from which you've used LastPass before.
  • Enter your LastPass account email and click Recover Account. Once you're in, change your master password.

Email Address:


Was LastPass compromised?
No, LastPass wasn't compromised. Other sites or services were compromised by hackers, and we detected your password on the list of stolen passwords that was released to the public.

Is LastPass at fault?
No, we are not responsible for the security practices of other sites and services. The current situation arises when security is lax at the compromised websites and when LastPass users don't follow best practices for their master password and site passwords.

Was my LastPass account compromised?
It's highly unlikely. We act extremely quickly to disable LastPass accounts where we detect a password matching the list of compromised credentials. That said, there is always some risk during the short period between the time passwords are stolen and when they are released to the public. To see if your account was accessed by anyone other than you, view your LastPass Account History for a list of IPs (locations) that accessed your account.

If my account wasn't compromised, why did LastPass disable It?
We detected that the master password for your LastPass account matches a hacked password published publicly online. We temporarily disabled your account to protect it from being compromised.

How do I re-enable my LastPass account?
Scroll up, enter your LastPass account email, and click Recover Account. Make sure you're using an internet connection from which you've used LastPass before.

It's not working!
Make sure you complete the Recover Account process from an internet connection from which you've logged in to LastPass before. If you continue to have trouble or can't find a computer you've used before, contact LastPass support.

Why do I need to use an internet connection I've used before?
This process lets you prove you aren't a hacker who obtained your password from the list of leaked passwords.

What can I do to better protect myself in the future?
Never use your master password as a regular site password. Never reuse passwords on different websites. Never use passwords that are easy to guess or contain words from a dictionary. Strong passwords contain a mixture of random upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and should be at least 8 characters long.

I have more questions!
Visit the help center.

Can I just delete my account?
Yes, if you would like to delete your LastPass account and start over again, please follow instructions here. You'll lose all of your data in LastPass, but you will be able to use the same email address once again for LastPass.