Why LastPass is SAFE

Your sensitive data is encrypted

We use the same encryption algorithm that the US Government uses for Top Secret data. (AES256) For a more technical explanation please see this page.

Only you know the key to decrypt your data

We do not store this key anywhere, so the private data that we store in our database is basically meaningless to hackers (and to us!). This is why it is so important to not forget your LastPass password.

Your decrypted data never leaves your computer

All encryption/decryption occurs on your computer, not on our servers. This means that it does not travel over the Internet and it never touches our servers.

We allow you to use unique, strong passwords

No more using the same password for all of your sites. No more writing down passwords on little pieces of paper. We encourage our users to use our password generator to create strong passwords for each site.

No more using your browser's insecure password manager

Were you surprised at how easy we retrieved all of your passwords from your browser when you installed our software using the LastPass application? Unfortunately, any malicious application can easily do the same. With LastPass, this will no longer be possible.