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Security FAQs

  1. I read that LastPass is vulnerable to phishing attacks - should I be concerned?
  2. How do I change my master password?
  3. What happens when is down? Can I still log in?
  4. Does LastPass support two-factor or multifactor authentication?
  5. How do I delete my LastPass account?
  6. How do I see if I have duplicate or weak passwords?
  7. Help! I think my account has been hacked!
  8. What if my laptop or phone is stolen?
  9. How do I view a history of usernames and/or passwords for a site?
  10. How do I enable Yubikey authentication for my mobile device?
  11. How does the YubiKey compare to LastPass Sesame?
  12. If someone malicously put a keystroke recorder on my computer would they be able to see the master password for LastPass when I enter it?
  13. Can LastPass automatically change my weak/old passwords for me?
  14. How do I view the history of logins and events on my account (such as IPs accessing my account and logins used)?
  15. How is LastPass secure and how does it encrypt/decrypt my data safely?
  16. What is the security email address?
  17. How does LastPass securely identify a trusted computer?
  18. My Antivirus program has warned me that LastPass is a virus/trojan/suspicious - should I be concerned?
  19. How do I use LastPass with Windows biometric framework (WBF)?
  20. How are bookmarklets secure?
  21. Why doesn’t LastPass recognize my fingerprint reader?
  22. If someone steals my LastPass master password, then can't they steal my identity?
  23. How do I use LastPass Sesame?
  24. What is a YubiKey and how do I use it?
  25. What encryption is being used?
  26. My email address for LastPass is old or invalid - how to I re-enable my account?
  27. How is updating my Master Password secure?
  28. How does a YubiKey protect my LastPass account?
  29. LastPass was supposed to send me an email, but it never came. Why?
  30. Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?
  31. How many YubiKeys can I use with one account?
  32. How does the fingerprint scanner work with LastPass on the Samsung Galaxy S5+?
  33. Why am I always asked to enter my master password on certain actions when I'm already logged in?
  34. How can LastPass help me thwart keyloggers when logging in?
  35. Do you use a salted hash for logging in?
  36. Can another browser extension or password manager capture data from LastPass?
  37. What are phishing scams and what steps can I take to protect myself against them?
  38. I am getting this message: 'LastPass detected a login form that is insecure', why?
  39. I'm getting, "You must complete a security check before you are able to login to this site. Please do so, and then submit the form." alert, what is this?
  40. My Local Vault is not showing a secure connection icon in the URL bar. Is my connection secure?
  41. What personal information is used for the credit monitoring alerts? Is it safe?
  42. How do I share login state between browsers?
  43. I have a charge on my credit card for your product, but I don't use it! How can I get my money back?
  44. How can I update my settings so that I don't get certain emails from LastPass?
  45. LastPass says I cannot login from a country. How do unlock a country?
  46. Why is LastPass issuing requests to my server?
  47. LastPass stays logged in even when I close my browser or restart my computer! How do I prevent this?
  48. Is there a limit for character length of the Master Password?
  49. How do you handle brute force / dictionary attacks for my LastPass account?
  50. How can I inspect the network traffic that goes to LastPass?
  51. Why am I seeing "LastPass doesn't recognize this device or you are at a new location. Please check your email to grant access to your new device or location." ?
  52. How can I kill all logins for other computers/devices/sessions that I may be logged into?
  53. Should I be concerned about reports that my master password can be stolen?
  54. Why am I prompted to log in via even if I am already logged in via LastPass extension?
  55. I get prompted to verify my location but everytime I click on the new link it says the link expired.
  56. How do I protect LastPass if I'm worried about malware compromising my machine?
  57. Someone may have sent me a phishing email. What email address does LastPass use?
  58. How many failed login attempts can occur before a lockout?
  59. My IP address is correct but LastPass appears to be showing the wrong location?
  60. Should I logout or use Master Password Reprompt to protect my account?
  61. I am in India and I am not getting an SMS message confirm my mobile number, where is my text message?
  62. Was LastPass at risk from the OpenSSL DROWN attack?
  63. How do I know which is the official LastPass Extension in the Chrome Webstore?
  64. How does LastPass protect my account when passwords from other sites are leaked?
  65. Why do I see "Your IP is untrusted! Please use internet access you've used in the past to use this tool."?
  66. I only use LastPass on my mobile device. What happens if I forget my Master Password?
  67. Why am I seeing that the mobile LastPass internal browser is out of date?
  68. How is it safe to allow LastPass to pull in sites from my email and change passwords for those sites?
  69. How can I address the security risks of the LastPass Helper on Mac? 
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