Unknown FAQs

  1. How do I prevent LastPass from filling erroneous form fields?
  2. Does LastPass support Windows 10 Edge ?
  3. I read that LastPass is vulnerable to phishing attacks - should I be concerned?
  4. LogMeIn's Acquisition of LastPass FAQs
  5. New LastPass Pricing FAQ
  6. The LastPass icon does not appear in my browser, how do I enable it?
  7. I forgot my Master Password or it's not working, how do I recover access to my account?
  8. LastPass won't save or autofill my data for a particular site - is there a workaround?
  9. How do I export my LastPass data?
  10. Where is my data stored on my computer?
  11. I keep receiving an error message: 'An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection.' How do I resolve this issue?
  12. Does LastPass work with basic authentication sites?
  13. Do I have the binary plugin installed?
  14. How do I change my master password?
  15. What happens when LastPass.com is down? Can I still log in?
  16. How do I install the binary component on Chrome or Firefox?
  17. How do I delete my LastPass account?
  18. How do I use LastPass to fill passwords for desktop applications?
  19. Does LastPass support two-factor or multifactor authentication?
  20. How much does LastPass Premium cost?
  21. What happens if LastPass disappears?
  22. How to enable cookies in your browser for LastPass.
  23. How do I set two site domains as equivalent?
  24. Can I log in to multiple LastPass accounts on the same computer at the same time?
  25. How do I enable "Draw over other apps permission for Lastpass" on Android?
  26. LastPass for iOS does not autofill my Apps, how do I fix this?
  27. What happens if I lose my Google Authenticator device or I need to disable Google Auth?
  28. How do I import from RoboForm?
  29. Help! I think my account has been compromised!
  30. I've made a change to my Vault or shared data. How can I make those changes show up on other devices, browsers, or users?
  31. System Mechanic keeps removing my icon from Internet Explorer, how do I prevent it?
  32. How do I uninstall LastPass from my computer/mobile device?
  33. LastPass is not autofilling login information. Why?
  34. I trusted my computer, but still get prompted for Multifactor Authentication.
  35. Which apps can LastPass autofill on iOS?
  36. How do I change my email for my LastPass account?
  37. How do I see if I have duplicate or weak passwords?
  38. How can I get LastPass to auto logout when I close my browser, when I am idle, or when the computer turns off?
  39. Some or all of my sites are gone! How do I get them back?
  40. How can I login to multiple Gmail accounts on the same browser with LastPass?
  41. Why does LastPass fill credentials on my site before prompting for 2 Factor Authentication?
  42. I'm being logged off after closing my browser, how do I stay logged in between browser sessions?
  43. How do I edit a folder or group in my Vault (rename, delete, subfolder, etc)?
  44. How do I use LastPass to login to my applications on my Android?
  45. How do I view a history of usernames and/or passwords for a site?
  46. I deleted a site / secure note / folder by accident - where can I find it?
  47. How do I set up Multifactor Authentication for my LastPass account?
  48. Does LastPass recognize different subdomains?
  49. How do I import from 1Password version 4+ ?
  50. How can I log in and get access to my data from any computer? Is it safe?
  51. How is LastPass secure and how does it encrypt/decrypt my data safely?
  52. How do I add a Folder to my vault?
  53. How do I disable/re-enable my browser password manager?
  54. How can I set LastPass to treat each host or path in a domain as a separate site login?
  55. How do I delete a folder or site from my Vault?
  56. How do I print my passwords?
  57. How do Bookmarklets work?
  58. How do I add sites to LastPass?
  59. What if my laptop or phone is stolen?
  60. Why is LastPass mostly free?
  61. How do I enable Yubikey authentication for my mobile device?
  62. Why aren’t my favicons appearing correctly?
  63. Can I select a default login to be offered for sites with multiple logins saved?
  64. How can I check the version of my LastPass plugin?
  65. I get an error when trying to Share with another user. How do I create a Sharing Key?
  66. How do I enable Touch ID Verification for LastPass?
  67. Can I merge two LastPass accounts?
  68. Can LastPass automatically change my weak/old passwords for me?
  69. The steps for account recovery failed for me, now what?
  70. Can I have multiple usernames and passwords for the same site?
  71. What does binary support for extensions mean?
  72. Where can I find a history of generated passwords?
  73. What is LastPass Pocket?
  74. How does the YubiKey compare to LastPass Sesame?
  75. How do I manage or restrict user access to a Shared Folder?
  76. Do I currently have a Premium account? How can I check the expiration date?
  77. How can I link my personal account to my Enterprise or Teams account?
  78. What is LastPass for Applications?
  79. How do I remove duplicate entries from the Vault?
  80. Why do I randomly get logged out of my LastPass session?
  81. LastPass will not install in Chrome - "Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website"
  82. I have set a site as Never Autofill or Never Autologin, but LastPass is still filling/logging in. Why?
  83. I use the same sites every day - how do I automate logging into them?
  84. How do you move (multiple) sites from one folder to another folder?
  85. How do I import from Norton Identity Safe?
  86. How do I view the history of logins and events on my account (such as IPs accessing my account and logins used)?
  87. If someone malicously put a keystroke recorder on my computer would they be able to see the master password for LastPass when I enter it?
  88. What happens if I lose my Yubikey and can't login?
  89. How can I get a refund for my LastPass Premium or Premium Credit Monitoring subscription?
  90. How do I set up SuperAdmin Password Reset policy and reset master password for a user?
  91. I want to use Google Authenticator for my LastPass and Gmail accounts; what happens if I lose my phone?
  92. Why are my changes to my Vault not syncing to my mobile device?
  93. How do I use the LastPass input method?
  94. How do I update my credit card or billing information?
  95. I've lost my Multifactor Authentication, how do I disable it?
  96. What is the security email address?
  97. How do I disable the grey field icons (and fill form icons) LastPass injects into the fields on my pages?
  98. I need help! How do I open a support ticket?
  99. How do I share Folders?
  100. LastPass logs off almost immediately after I login?
  101. Why am I always asked to enter my master password on certain actions when I'm already logged in?
  102. How do I use LastPass with Windows biometric framework (WBF)?
  103. LastPass was supposed to send me an email, but it never came. Why?
  104. What does clearing LastPass' Local Cache do?
  105. I'm seeing, "Your session has expired. Please relogin" - Why?
  106. Where can I get a receipt for my LastPass Premium, Family, Teams or Enterprise purchase?
  107. Will LastPass fill in mobile Chrome for iOS?
  108. Does LastPass work in Windows 8 modern UI ("metro") and Windows RT?
  109. I enabled LastPass in Safari iOS but it does not autofill.
  110. How do I change the default language?
  111. I don't see my previous password manager listed under the import options. Is it possible for me to import my data?
  112. How long does it take for a shared item to appear in the other user's vault?
  113. How do I set up YubiKey NEO and LastPass?
  114. Why are my sites not launching from the Vault?
  115. How does LastPass securely identify a trusted computer?
  116. What does my website need to be able to work with LastPass?
  117. I have a page that has a multiple fields or a multiple-page login system. How can I use LastPass?
  118. How do I export my sites or secure notes?
  119. What is 'Allow access to file URLs' in Chrome?
  120. Can I attach files to my Secure Notes?
  121. Can I use more than one form of Multifactor Authentication at the same time?
  122. Why does LastPass take up a full toolbar line in Internet Explorer?
  123. My Antivirus program has warned me that LastPass is a virus/trojan/suspicious - should I be concerned?
  124. I'm new to the program. How do I get started with using LastPass?
  125. How do I purchase or renew LastPass Enterprise/Teams?
  126. Why does the LastPass app need special permissions to run on my phone?
  127. Error Message: Unable to proceed, the website does not allow automated password change.
  128. My Accessibility service on my Android keeps getting disabled. Why?
  129. How do I use LastPass Sesame?
  130. Why doesn’t LastPass recognize my fingerprint reader?
  131. LastPass is filling incorrect data even though I see that the saved information is correct. Why?
  132. How do I move folders or subfolders into other folders (shared or standard)?
  133. Why is my multifactor authentication not prompting?
  134. "Automatically logoff on browser close" is not respected in Chrome.
  135. How are bookmarklets secure?
  136. Can I login without Internet access on my mobile device?
  137. What does "Allow recipients to view passwords" do when sharing a single site?
  138. When I Accept a share, I get the message, "Sorry, your share data could not be decrypted. Please try again later." How do I fix this?
  139. What is a YubiKey and how do I use it?
  140. When I try to log in I see: "An error has been encountered while loading your sites. Please relogin."
  141. How can I get LastPass to stop automatically running the installer on start up?
  142. Why do I get logged out of LastPass when I close my browser despite my preferences?
  143. Do I always have to authenticate on all my devices while using Google Authenticator?
  144. If someone steals my LastPass master password, then can't they steal my identity?
  145. What encryption is being used?
  146. Can I use LastPass in Dolphin browser for the iPhone and iPad?
  147. How much does LastPass Enterprise cost?
  148. What are Secure Notes?
  149. What are these entries in my Vault called 'Generated'?
  150. How do I solve the following error message when downloading from Internet Explorer 9: "<filename> couldn’t be downloaded"?
  151. Is there a user manual that I can read to learn all about LastPass?
  152. How do I enable Master Password Reprompt to protect my logins?
  153. If I make an update to a shared site, will the other person see it?
  154. My email address for LastPass is old or invalid - how to I re-enable my account?
  155. Why am I getting LASTPASS SECURITY WARNING message when visiting some websites?
  156. How does the fingerprint scanner work with LastPass on the Samsung Galaxy S5+?
  157. How can I switch between LastPass servers (LastPass.com and LastPass.eu) ?
  158. I have duplicate entries in my Local Vault and some items have disappeared? What is wrong?
  159. Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?
  160. Will LastPass log me out of websites when I close my browsing tab or browser?
  161. I created a Shared Folder, but no one I added can see it, what's wrong?
  162. Google Authenticator does not work on my Android, how do I fix it?
  163. How do I turn off automatic updates for LastPass?
  164. How can I prevent LastPass from filling on a specific page?
  165. How is updating my Master Password secure?
  166. Account Recovery: No disabled OTPs were found for your account.
  167. How do I download LastPass Premium on my computer?
  168. Why don't the sites in my Shared Folder work?
  169. What is Grid multi-factor authentication?
  170. I am missing some of my data when I login to LastPass, where are they?
  171. What happens if I lose my Grid and can't login?
  172. Why didn't my One Time Password work during my Master Password recovery?
  173. Where can I find the latest updates and changes to LastPass?
  174. If I enable Windows Biometric Framework support (i.e. my fingerprint reader) on my laptop, will I need a fingerprint reader on all devices I use LastPass with?
  175. How does LastPass make money?
  176. When I try to login to Chrome I receive the message "Your selected Identity no longer exists. Defaulting to 'All' and logging off." How do I resolve this issue?
  177. Can LastPass Pocket Fill in my passwords?
  178. Do you have an application for the Android?
  179. How do I enable Smart Card Authentication?
  180. How many YubiKeys can I use with one account?
  181. I am getting the error message 'ERROR - No private key. Cannot decrypt pending shares'. What does this mean?
  182. LastPass says I cannot login from a country. How do unlock a country?
  183. What is IE Anywhere?
  184. Are Sharing and Shared Folders secure? How does the encryption work?
  185. Do I need a Premium account to use Google Authenticator?
  186. How large can a file attachment be for a Secure Note?
  187. Why am I seeing "LastPass doesn't recognize this device or you are at a new location. Please check your email to grant access to your new device or location." ?
  188. I am getting this message: 'LastPass detected a login form that is insecure', why?
  189. What is the "Enable Logging" option in my LastPass Android app settings?
  190. Do you support Windows phone?
  191. Why is my extension being removed from my browser?
  192. When I click on the icon to run Sesame, nothing happens. What is wrong?
  193. What is the difference between "Login OTPs" and "Recovery OTPs"?
  194. How can LastPass help me thwart keyloggers when logging in?
  195. How do I share a Secure Note in a Shared Folder?
  196. Do you have an iPhone application?
  197. I can't see Shared Folders in my Online Vault, where are they?
  198. How do I share login state between browsers?
  199. Why don't some of the sites in my linked personal account folder work?
  200. What is a Shared Folder?
  201. I ordered the Yubikey and LastPass Premium bundle from Yubico, but did not receive my LastPass Premium, where is it?
  202. What happens if I lose my copy of Sesame and can't login?
  203. When installing in Chrome, I see: Extensions, apps, and user scripts can only be added from the Chrome Web Store.
  204. Why is the version in the Mozilla add-on store out of date?
  205. How do I logoff?
  206. What does priority support entail?
  207. Do you use a salted hash for logging in?
  208. Do you have discounts for non-profit organizations?
  209. I am getting a "A consistency check failed while loading your sites. Please relogin" error.
  210. If I enable my fingerprint reader on my computer, will I need a fingerprint reader on all devices I use LastPass with?
  211. Some Chrome extensions have permission to 'access data on all websites'. Is the LastPass Vault safe?
  212. Why am I getting the error "Request Failed. Check your internet connection as well as date and time." on my Android when my date and time is correct?
  213. What are shared folders? And how do I use them?
  214. What does the number in the Lastpass Icon mean? How do I disable the numbers in the Icon?
  215. Why don't I have the LastPass Encrypted File option when I try to export?
  216. How do I create a form fill profile?
  217. When registering for forums, I see this error: One or more of the fields entered was marked as spam.
  218. Mobile Device UUIDs seem random, I can't tell which UUID belongs to which device. Why is that?
  219. What is Automatic Provisioning?
  220. How to I block localhost pages so LastPass doesn't fill them?
  221. I trusted my computer, but I still see the Yubikey prompt - why?
  222. Can I use my Yubikey in my tablet's USB port?
  223. Automatically logoff when idle is enabled but is not logging me off?
  224. I'm getting, "You must complete a security check before you are able to login to this site. Please do so, and then submit the form." alert, what is this?
  225. Can another browser extension or password manager capture data from LastPass?
  226. I have an old account, how do I start over?
  227. If my information is encrypted with my Master Password, how can it be that my One Time Passwords are allowed to decrypt it?
  228. Who can create a Shared Folder?
  229. What are Policies?
  230. I closed Chrome and now it won't reopen. Only ending the task via Task Manager works!
  231. How do I uninstall LastPass for Safari?
  232. What is the size limit for a secure note?
  233. What are the features of IE Anywhere?
  234. Where is the logout on close function on iPad?
  235. How do I use LastPass with ActiveX filtering enabled?
  236. When will LastPass be translated to my language?
  237. What kind of Policies are available?
  238. What is the Shared Folder Report?
  239. What is Provisioning?
  240. Why can't I individually share a site in a Shared Folder?
  241. How do I unsubscribe from receiving future emails?
  242. I see an CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE error when installing in Chrome, how do I resolve it?
  243. How do I create and manage Policies?
  244. My SuperAdmin password policy and SuperAdmin shared folder policy don't work!
  245. What is Batch Provisioning?
  246. I trusted my computer, but I still see the Sesame prompt - why?
  247. What does the NPLastPass/LastPass plugin in Firefox do?
  248. What types of reporting are available for LastPass Enterprise?
  249. How do I setup my VIP Yubikey with LastPass?
  250. LastPass stays logged in even when I close my browser or restart my computer! How do I prevent this?
  251. I tried installing LastPass in Safari, but nothing seems to happen.
  252. What is reporting?
  253. What are phishing scams and what steps can I take to protect myself against them?
  254. I deleted a site from 'Favorites' why is it missing from my whole Vault?
  255. My credit card was declined on your payments page or my renewal failed. Why?
  256. How do I sync usernames and passwords with Active Directory?
  257. How do I create new users?
  258. I am not able to set my computer as trusted using Linux OS with my multifactor.
  259. Where can I find my saved application logins?
  260. How do I change the type of reporting my Enterprise uses?
  261. What is Login Reporting?
  262. I've created a profile, but don't see the credit card monitoring option?
  263. What is the Admin Events Report?
  264. My Yubikey is not lighting up when I push it. What do I do?
  265. How do I unshare or revoke a shared item?
  266. The Android App Fill triggered my device's Talkback feature. Why?
  267. Why am I getting this error message, "populate_error:RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"?
  268. Do sites with master password reprompts work in Bookmarklets?
  269. The LastPass Input Method for Android is not finding my matching site?
  270. LastPass for Applications is telling me to install the plugin, even though I already have?
  271. Can I add groups to Shared Folders?
  272. When I run a security check, it does not check my shared items or shared folders. Is this expected?
  273. What is the best way to install LastPass in Enterprise systems?
  274. What are the limitations of LastPass for Applications?
  275. I have a charge on my credit card for your product, but I don't use it! How can I get my money back?
  276. What happens if I lock myself out of my Enterprise/Teams using policies I've created?
  277. Do I have to buy LastPass Enterprise and LastPass Premium for all features?
  278. I have more than one Free Credit Monitoring profile enabled on my account. How can I tell which account is which?
  279. Do you have discount for educational institutions?
  280. My Local Vault is not showing a secure connection icon in the URL bar. Is my connection secure?
  281. How can I update my settings so that I don't get certain emails from LastPass?
  282. Firefox 29 no longer supports the Add-on Bar. How do I display the LastPass Icon?
  283. How do I delete Notes in LastPass Wallet?
  284. How do I enable or disable LastPass Credit Monitoring?
  285. I am getting the error 'Internet Connectivity Failure' when using Sesame, Safari or LastPass Pocket on my Mac.
  286. What is LastPass free credit monitoring alerts?
  287. How do I run LastPass with Windows 8? Windows RT?
  288. Why can't I search within Secure Notes and Site notes?
  289. Can I use YubiKey NEO with the Dolphin addon?
  290. What personal information is used for the credit monitoring alerts? Is it safe?
  291. Can I trial LastPass Enterprise for free?
  292. Why is LastPass for Applications so slow in filling?
  293. How To Have LastPass Autofill On 2-Login Pages On Google
  294. I'm using Firefox, why does the URL show "chrome://lastpass/content/home2.xul" ?
  295. How Can I Disable LastPass Fill Helper in LastPass Android app?
  296. Can you login anywhere using your LastPass credentials while using Windows login integration?
  297. Can I add a site to multiple Shared Folders?
  298. Can I use application login from LastApp to login to apps on my phone?
  299. The LastPass pop up says 'No Matching Sites!' or 'No Sites Matched' and does not autofill an app, even though I enabled Fill into Apps for Android.
  300. How to Share A Personal Folder
  301. What if I initially order a few licenses, but want to purchase more later?
  302. What sites are supported by the Auto-Password Change feature?
  303. What is "Log out when app is idle" in my Android app settings?
  304. What is LastPass Premium credit monitoring?
  305. Why do I see 'LastPass could not write to your hard drive' or the error 'BIN_IE_EXTRACT'?
  306. What happens if the password the user has to login to Windows is not the same as the password for the pre-existing LastPass account?
  307. Can I create accounts based on my Active Directory system?
  308. Can I use YubiKey NEO on Windows Phone?
  309. Why am I am getting an error "SecurityError: DOM Exception 18" in Safari?
  310. I just purchased Premium through your website and I am seeing an additional $1 charge, what is this?
  311. Why should I upgrade to Premium credit monitoring?
  312. If you delete Windows domain login can manually login to your LastPass account?
  313. What is "Check Session When App Is Activate" in my Android App settings?
  314. Some of my apps are crashing with the Android App Fill function enabled. What do I do?
  315. When using InPrivate Browsing mode in Internet Explorer, I do not see the LastPass extension. Why?
  316. Could a user continue to use two different passwords for Windows login and LastPass login?
  317. How can I kill all logins for other computers/devices/sessions that I may be logged into?
  318. How do I add user groups to a policy?
  319. Where can I find the full Terms and Conditions for LastPass credit monitoring?
  320. What should the user do if his or her existing password does not match the Windows password?
  321. What kind of policies does LastPass recommend using for Enterprise?
  322. Can I share a login I have saved in my account with a friend?
  323. How do I start an Enterprise or Teams Trial?
  324. How do I enable LastPass in mobile Safari for filling?
  325. How do I view past tickets I have submitted?
  326. What happens if the user already has a LastPass Account under their work e-mail?
  327. What version of Android is required for LastPass App fill feature?
  328. I am trying to fill an app on Android but the dialog only offers 'Copy Password' and 'Copy Username' options.
  329. I am an Admin for the LastPass Enterprise account, but do not have access to a Shared Folder, why is this?
  330. What is a credit alert?
  331. Is there a limit for character length of the Master Password?
  332. What triggers a credit monitoring alert?
  333. How can I purchase LastPass Premium while in Safari on my iPhone or iPad using a credit card?
  334. Can I share a fill form profile with a friend or relative?
  335. I signed up for Enterprise or Teams or Families on accident or no longer wish to be in Enterprise/Teams. How do I downgrade?
  336. I have more questions about LastPass credit monitoring, who do I contact?
  337. Can I use multifactor authentication with the iCab mobile app?
  338. LastPass does not install in Chrome. It says 'Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this Website' or asks me to downgrade. How do I install?
  339. Do I get a free credit report?
  340. Can a user be added more than once to a Shared Folder?
  341. I'm seeing 'Fill With LastPass' pop up on my phone, what is this?
  342. Why use LastPass free credit monitoring alerts?
  343. Why do I receive the message "Suspicious characters found in selected filename, will not process it" when I try to add an attachment?
  344. The browser reports "SSL certificate is invalid" when installing LastPass.
  345. Why is LastPass issuing requests to my server?
  346. How much does LastPass Premium credit monitoring cost?
  347. How will I be notified of a change to my credit report?
  348. Why is LastPass going in to the credit protection business?
  349. What is the difference between Exclusive and Inclusive for policies?
  350. What is the "Refresh Credit Reports" link for?
  351. How can I view my credit report?
  352. Will viewing my credit report affect my credit score?
  353. Why is my reporting showing logins even though the user has not fully logged into the website?
  354. Why doesn't the Vault open within the incognito window?
  355. How do I enable Premium credit monitoring?
  356. How do I toggle between the full toolbar and compact icon in Safari?
  357. Where is LastPass credit monitoring available?
  358. Are you affiliated with any of the 3 major credit bureaus?
  359. What do I need to provide to sign up for free credit monitoring alerts through LastPass?
  360. Why is my LastPass icon gone when I open a pinned site?
  361. Is this your product, or another company's product?
  362. How often is my credit data refreshed?
  363. Error message: We're sorry. We were not able to change your password automatically. Your password was not changed.
  364. What do I do if I think I'm a victim of identity theft?
  365. Will alerts work if there is a credit freeze or credit lock in place?
  366. Can I refresh my credit monitoring data?
  367. What is a credit report?
  368. I am seeing error: "Failed. Check your Internet Connection as well as the date and time on your device." when I attempt to create a Secure Note offline.
  369. What do I do when I receive a credit monitoring alert?
  370. I enabled the free credit monitoring alerts, but why haven't I seen an alert?
  371. What is a credit score?
  372. How do my credit scores affect me?
  373. I'm having issues with the AD client, is there a debug I can send you?
  374. When training a Windows app, LastPass for Applications is not 'grabbing' the information. Is there a workaround for this?
  375. When I visit certain https sites from the LastPass browser on Android 4.3, LastPass crashes!
  376. How can I get a refund for In App purchases through the iOS app?
  377. What commands are available for Omnibox support in Chrome?
  378. The Android App Fill disables my stock Samsung keyboard option to switch between languages, why?
  379. I've received an alert! Now what?
  380. How do you handle brute force / dictionary attacks for my LastPass account?
  381. How do I recreate my Bookmarklets?
  382. How can I inspect the network traffic that goes to LastPass?
  383. I have many shared folders with lots of data. This is slowing my Vault down, what can I do?
  384. How do I cancel my Credit Monitoring Alerts (Free or Premium)? I don't want to get alerts anymore.
  385. I'm seeing a "Runtime Error!" - what do I do?
  386. Why don't you offer certificate revocation in your Android browser?
  387. How do I refund a purchase for Enterprise licenses?
  388. How can I re-enable LastPass Authenticator for my LastPass account?
  389. All of my usernames and passwords have been overwritten with the same data in the LastPass Vault. Why?
  390. When I login to Internet Explorer it says 'We are sorry, your browser is not compatible with LastPass.'
  391. Why did the LastPass Icon turn into an ! (exclamation point)?
  392. LastPass emailed users when a user was disabled or removed from the company. How do I prevent this?
  393. LastPass requires libssl0.9.8, but libssl0.9.8 is no longer available in Debian. How can I install?
  394. Clicking on the LastPass extension says 'Webpage Not Found' in Chrome.
  395. What browsers does LastPass support?
  396. The add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure on lastpass.com
  397. I manually removed the Lastpass extension from Chrome and now I cannot re-install normally, what can I do?
  398. Allow or Disallow Remember Password policy is set to disallow but users can still check the 'remember password' box.
  399. Why can't I find the PayPal option anymore?
  400. LastPass SAML and Google Apps - I tried to disable and now I'm locked out! Help!
  401. The LastPass Metro App says 'Error logging into LastPass. Please try again. Please check your connection. You need to download your data once in order for LastPass to work offline.'
  402. I cannot enable LastPass Accessibility Services on Android, why?
  403. Which methods of Multifactor Authentication are supported?
  404. How Can I Renew LastPass Premium Membership On Google Play Store or Apple App Store?
  405. I am using a virtual environment and my local vault appears blank
  406. How can I copy a password quickly from the LastPass App for Mac?
  407. LastPass icon is unresponsive on Chrome
  408. Why are requests being made to
  409. Should I be concerned about reports that my master password can be stolen?
  410. LastPass Disables "Require Pin/Password At Boot" On My Device When I Enable LastPass Accessibility Service
  411. Error Message: Timed out waiting for the page to load. Retry?
  412. I started an Enterprise or Teams with my personal account instead of my work account, how can I fix this?
  413. Some sites on Chrome mobile are not autofilling. Why?
  414. Is there a character limit on Secure Notes?
  415. Can I add a sub-folder to a Shared Folder?
  416. I see "A require file is corrupt" message when logging into LastPass in Windows Server
  417. Why does the Master Password field input extra characters when I login?
  418. Why does LastPass take up a full toolbar line in Safari?
  419. How do I retrieve crash logs from an iOS device?
  420. Why are imported passwords not autofilling into sites?
  421. Does LastPass mobile app work with fingerprint reader on my Android device? How do I enable it?
  422. How do I change the language for the LastPass App on the Mac?
  423. I see error SEC7111 in the Console tab of the Internet Explorer Developer Tools, is this a problem?
  424. What is the LastPass master password?
  425. Why can't I see sites from within a Shared Folder in an Identity?
  426. I see "Your connection is not private" or "NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" error message when I try to log in to LastPass on Chrome (Mac).
  427. How many failed login attempts can occur before a lockout?
  428. I'm unable to install the LastPass app on iOS? The "Get" button is grayed out.
  429. The LastPass extension keeps disappearing from Safari on restart.
  430. Does LastPass have access to my Social Security Number?
  431. What is SMS account recovery? And how do I add or change my recovery phone number?
  432. Vangaurd.com is not autofilling, how can I get it to Autofill?
  433. Does Yubikey work with Dvorak and Colemak keyboards?
  434. What is the different between and Enterprise Admin and Super Admin?
  435. What is Emergency Access? How does it work and how do I set it up?
  436. I changed my master password and now I can not login.
  437. We Are Going To Switch Company Domain. How Does It Affect Existing User Accounts In LastPass?
  438. Why doesn't the LastPass lock screen rotate orientation on Android devices?
  439. When adding a user, I see "None of the emails you have entered are valid", why?
  440. Why am I being prompted for my master password when trying to view passwords on certain sites on the Security Challenge Results?
  441. When trying to change the Master Password, LastPass says it matches another site in my Vault, why?
  442. Why does the installer not offer to import my Safari passwords?
  443. Does LastPass work with Microsoft's Azure SSO integration?
  444. Does LastPass Pocket support attachments?
  445. How do I protect LastPass if I'm worried about malware compromising my machine?
  446. If I choose to provision using the LastPass AD/LDAP sync client, what will happen to existing users?
  447. LastPass keyboard does not offer autofill options in Android 5.1+
  448. How do I make sure LastPass master password and AD passwords are in sync when I change the password on either end?
  449. Why do I see the error message "Internet Explorer has stopped working"?
  450. How do I cancel Automatic Renewal of LastPass Premium or Premium Credit Monitoring?
  451. I don't have a smartphone, how can I use a multifactor authenticator with LastPass?
  452. LastPass does not autofill on Opera since the browser update. What should I do?
  453. Why do some of my Items appear as being recently used when I have not touched them?
  454. How do I send Custom Email to users?
  455. I select one login set on a site where I have multiple accounts but LastPass autofills with another login. Why?
  456. Why do I see a blank vault when log in offline with yubikey?
  457. Why am I prompted to log in via lastpass.com even if I am already logged in via LastPass extension?
  458. Why does LastPass Android App Request Usage Access?
  459. I get prompted to verify my location but everytime I click on the new link it says the link expired.
  460. Why does the UUID listed in security email look different from what is being added to the Mobile Devices tab?
  461. How can I toggle the different kinds of vault display options in LastPass 4.0 ?
  462. The LastPass popup has been blocked from loading on this site. Please fill using the LastPass Icon.
  463. How can I hide a Shared Folder?
  464. Someone may have sent me a phishing email. What email address does LastPass use?
  465. Why is the LastPass extension in Safari still logged in when the app is logged out?
  466. Why does LastPass notification icon appear in white on Android?
  467. Why do I see "SSN is not found" when trying to enable credit monitoring?
  468. I see the error message "ERROR: User is missing sharing keys" when trying to add someone as my emergency contact.
  469. How can I provision a new Enterprise or Teams user if they don't have an email address, yet?
  470. How do I remove LastPass NPAPI and install LastPass HelperApp as Binary Component?
  471. How do I stop/uninstall the LastPass AD Client service?
  472. App fill is not working on my LG G4 Android 6.0
  473. How does LastPass security challenge work?
  474. I am getting the error 'Internet Connectivity Failure' when using Sesame on Mac.
  475. I have deleted a user in LastPass Admin Console. How do I force LastPass AD Sync to provision a new account on LastPass?
  476. I purchased LastPass with my credit card, but it is showing it as "Stripe" - is this you?
  477. I'm trying to share a site/note with a friend. Do they need a LastPass account?
  478. Why do some sites appear under Favorites in my vault while I do not make them favorite myself?
  479. How can I launch my sites to another browser on my mobile device?
  480. Lastpass Sesame is not working on Mac OSX El Capitan - receiving a cabundle.pkg error.
  481. I have LogMeIn Pro, how do I redeem LastPass Premium?
  482. Why does LastPass Authenticator's push notifications work for some sites but not others?
  483. Why do I see the error message "We failed to create the directory you specified" while installing LastPass?
  484. nplastpass is not responding, how do I fix this?
  485. I am in India and I am not getting an SMS message confirm my mobile number, where is my text message?
  486. I see Error C when opening an attachment, what does that mean?
  487. Should I logout or use Master Password Reprompt to protect my account?
  488. My IP address is correct but LastPass appears to be showing the wrong location?
  489. Error Loading Your Premium Credit Alert Dashboard
  490. Why do I see the warning "LastPass does not support the highest level of security for Safari plug-ins" ?
  491. Why don't I see the Emergency Access option?
  492. Why do I see the error "Sorry, you may only link a single personal account to your enterprise user" when re-linking my accounts?
  493. How can I login to multiple accounts on the same browser with LastPass?
  494. What is LastPass Authenticator?
  495. Can someone say that I am incapacitated when I'm not?
  496. Can I limit what's shared with emergency access?
  497. Why doesn't LastPass work on sites that ask for random characters of the passwords?
  498. I need to purchase/renew LastPass Enterprise/Teams. How to update the number of licenses?
  499. Where can I find the MD5 or SHA1 checksum code?
  500. Why do I get prompted to trust my machine/device after 30 days?
  501. How can I enable LastPass Authenticator for Facebook?
  502. Was LastPass at risk from the OpenSSL DROWN attack?
  503. Why do I have to either create an account or log in when running the Universal Installer?
  504. Cloning Secure Notes
  505. How do I submit a large/custom icon so it can be shown in LastPass new vault?
  506. How do I prevent LastPass from inserting its form field icon into certain fields on my website?
  507. Why can't I push the latest version of LastPass for IE for all my employee's machines that have multiple user profiles?
  508. How do I know which is the official LastPass Extension in the Chrome Webstore?
  509. Why do I get email notifications to reset my grid?
  510. Does LastPass support Bitcoin?
  511. I was added to a Shared Folder individually, and I can see it in the Sharing Center, but I can't see the folder in my Vault. What happened?
  512. How do I use LastPass Authenticator with other sites?
  513. Why can't my user see shared folders in the vault when being added via a user group?
  514. I only use LastPass on my mobile device. What happens if I forget my Master Password?
  515. I dismissed the LastPass Authenticator pop up about push notifications, how do I get these notifications back?
  516. How do I delete a Custom Secure Note?
  517. I updated a shared site, but the person I am sharing with never got the changes I made, why?
  518. Where can the Helper App Binary component be found?
  519. Can I log into my computer using LastPass?
  520. How does LastPass protect my account when passwords from other sites are leaked?
  521. Why do I see "Your IP is untrusted! Please use internet access you've used in the past to use this tool."?
  522. Do you have an application for Windows Mobile?
  523. Why don't I get prompted for multifactor authentication to log into my Google accounts?
  524. I can not see my secure note attachments in LastPass Wallet. Why?
  525. I cannot trust my mobile device because the trust option on the Yubikey prompt is greyed out
  526. How do I enable pin code for LastPass metro app?
  527. What is the CLSID values for the LastPass Toolbar?
  528. Why can't I share some site entries in my vault with other users?
  529. I see the error message "The VAT number you entered is invalid". What to do?
  530. Why aren't Sites being added to Recently Used?
  531. How much storage space do I have for attachments in LastPass Wallet?
  532. Why do I see "Not Supported on your Device" when my Android supports Fingerprint?
  533. I see a new feature or functionality that I haven't heard about before. Why am I seeing it?
  534. I don't see my saved websites in LastPass Wallet?
  535. What is LastPass Free Credit Monitoring?
  536. I read that LastPass’ autofill feature can be tricked into leaking private information to phishers - should I be concerned?
  537. How do I add/remove an Admin to our Enterprise or Teams account?
  538. Is there a Command Line Application available?
  539. My LastPass extension just warned me I was re-using my Master Password elsewhere. How?
  540. How do I setup LastPass Credit Monitoring?
  541. What is LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring?
  542. How does LastPass notify me of changes to my credit report?
  543. What credit report changes will LastPass notify me of?
  544. Where is LastPass Credit Monitoring available?
  545. How do I delete attachments in LastPass Wallet?
  546. What is the cost of adding a new user to my Enterprise or Teams? How does license expiration work?
  547. Why am I seeing that the mobile LastPass internal browser is out of date?
  548. I update my Duo Security secret keys but the change is not saved. Why?
  549. About the LogMeIn and GoTo Merger
  550. How is it safe to allow LastPass to pull in sites from my email and change passwords for those sites?
  551. I cannot edit my Service Provisioning apps in the Admin Console, the options are greyed out, why?
  552. LastPass does not show fill window on some Android apps for me. What should I do?
  553. How do I integrate LastPass Enterprise Reports with my Splunk account?
  554. Why does my second purchase cost more than my first one?
  555. I get an SSL error when launching some site from LastPass on the built-in browser on Android. What to do?
  556. Why am I being charged sales tax for LastPass?
  557. Help! I'm seeing an error message trying to sync LastPass with my Apple watch!
  558. I want to purchase LastPass Families, but have some Premium leftover. What happens to my Premium time?
  559. Is LastPass Authenticator Cloud Backup secure?
  560. How can I address the security risks of the LastPass Helper on Mac? 
  561. Does LastPass support FIDO/U2F authentication with Yubikey?
  562. How do I import Meldium into LastPass?
  563. How do I purchase Families?
  564. How can I disable LastPass Authenticator if it has been lost?
  565. How can I obtain Console and Network Logs for LastPass in Chrome?
  566. How do I make sure to allow LastPass cookies on Firefox so it works correctly?
  567. How Do I add Custom Attributes to my Custom SAML Service?
  568. What browser(s) are supported with LastPass Fill Helper on Android?
  569. Weird characters have replaced my Vault contents, the contents appear to be blank or are missing. What happened?
  570. How do I remove my recently used sites list?
  571. Do you support non-web passwords, or desktop applications?
  572. Verizon and LastPass Families
  573. How can I duplicate or clone an entry in my Vault?
  574. How can I help translate LastPass into my language?
  575. Can I use the same email address if I delete my current account and start over?
  576. Why has my Premium subscription been automatically renewed?
  577. How can I use a non-NFC Yubikey on mobile OR a NFC Yubikey on non NFC capable mobile device?
  578. I am seeing a scrolling lag in my browser on my Android device with LastPass Accessibility enabled. How can I fix this?
  579. How is Emergency Access secure?
  580. I referred a friend and neither of us got the free Premium credit. Why?
  581. How do I remove the new 3.0 grey field icons?
  582. I am using Directory Integration with LastPass and see "Invalid credentials. Please update the credentials used in the Admin Credential section."
  583. The Fill Helper on Android is popping up for a non-password page - what can I do to stop this?
  584. I see "Device Pairing Failed" error message when trying to enable LastPass Authenticator for LastPass account.
  585. When I attempt to renew/purchase - my old credit card info if automatically being filled. How do I change this information?
  586. If we upgrade from Teams to Enterprise, can we use ADFS?
  587. I'm seeing "Your account settings have restricted you from logging in from this mobile device" - why?
  588. I can no longer see data from my emergency contact in my vault. What do I do?
  589. Error: Please install the latest version of LastPass from https://lastpass.com/ to login
  590. Why is Gmail rejecting LastPass's emails being sent to me?
  591. Can I review my account information or view my support tickets somewhere?
  592. What other data does LastPass handle?
  593. How long do you retain information on former users of LastPass and what, exactly, do you retain?
  594. How do former users purge any and all information from LastPass systems?
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