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LastPass for Enterprises FAQs

  1. Does LastPass support two-factor or multifactor authentication?
  2. How do I delete my LastPass account?
  3. I've made a change to my Vault or shared data. How can I make those changes show up on other devices, browsers, or users?
  4. The steps for account recovery failed for me, now what?
  5. How do I manage or restrict user access to a Shared Folder?
  6. How can I link my personal account to my Enterprise or Teams account?
  7. How do you move (multiple) sites from one folder to another folder?
  8. I need help! How do I open a support ticket?
  9. How do I set up SuperAdmin Password Reset policy and reset master password for a user?
  10. How do I share Folders?
  11. Where can I get a receipt for my LastPass Premium, Family, Teams or Enterprise purchase?
  12. How do I purchase or renew LastPass Enterprise/Teams?
  13. When I Accept a share, I get the message, "Sorry, your share data could not be decrypted. Please try again later." How do I fix this?
  14. Is there a user manual that I can read to learn all about LastPass?
  15. Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?
  16. Why don't the sites in my Shared Folder work?
  17. Are Sharing and Shared Folders secure? How does the encryption work?
  18. Where can I find the latest updates and changes to LastPass?
  19. What is a Shared Folder?
  20. I can't see Shared Folders in my Online Vault, where are they?
  21. I am getting the error message 'ERROR - No private key. Cannot decrypt pending shares'. What does this mean?
  22. Why don't some of the sites in my linked personal account folder work?
  23. What is Automatic Provisioning?
  24. Do you have discounts for non-profit organizations?
  25. What are shared folders? And how do I use them?
  26. Who can create a Shared Folder?
  27. What are Policies?
  28. What kind of Policies are available?
  29. What is the Shared Folder Report?
  30. My SuperAdmin password policy and SuperAdmin shared folder policy don't work!
  31. What is Batch Provisioning?
  32. How do I create and manage Policies?
  33. What is Provisioning?
  34. What types of reporting are available for LastPass Enterprise?
  35. What is reporting?
  36. How do I change the type of reporting my Enterprise uses?
  37. What is the Admin Events Report?
  38. What is Login Reporting?
  39. How do I unshare or revoke a shared item?
  40. Do you have discount for educational institutions?
  41. What happens if I lock myself out of my Enterprise/Teams using policies I've created?
  42. Can I trial LastPass Enterprise for free?
  43. What if I initially order a few licenses, but want to purchase more later?
  44. Can I create accounts based on my Active Directory system?
  45. How do I start an Enterprise or Teams Trial?
  46. What is the difference between Exclusive and Inclusive for policies?
  47. I'm having issues with the AD client, is there a debug I can send you?
  48. I signed up for Enterprise or Teams on accident or no longer wish to be in Enterprise/Teams. How do I downgrade?
  49. I have many shared folders with lots of data. This is slowing my Vault down, what can I do?
  50. I am an Admin for the LastPass Enterprise account, but do not have access to a Shared Folder, why is this?
  51. LastPass emailed users when a user was disabled or removed from the company. How do I prevent this?
  52. LastPass SAML and Google Apps - I tried to disable and now I'm locked out! Help!
  53. I am using a virtual environment and my local vault appears blank
  54. Allow or Disallow Remember Password policy is set to disallow but users can still check the 'remember password' box.
  55. Should I be concerned about reports that my master password can be stolen?
  56. I started an Enterprise or Teams with my personal account instead of my work account, how can I fix this?
  57. I see "A require file is corrupt" message when logging into LastPass in Windows Server
  58. We Are Going To Switch Company Domain. How Does It Affect Existing User Accounts In LastPass?
  59. What is the different between and Enterprise Admin and Super Admin?
  60. Does LastPass work with Microsoft's Azure SSO integration?
  61. How can I hide a Shared Folder?
  62. Someone may have sent me a phishing email. What email address does LastPass use?
  63. How can I toggle the different kinds of vault display options in LastPass 4.0 ?
  64. Why do I see the error "Sorry, you may only link a single personal account to your enterprise user" when re-linking my accounts?
  65. I need to purchase/renew LastPass Enterprise/Teams. How to update the number of licenses?
  66. Cloning Secure Notes
  67. Why can't I push the latest version of LastPass for IE for all my employee's machines that have multiple user profiles?
  68. Is there a Command Line Application available?
  69. How do I add/remove an Admin to our Enterprise or Teams account?
  70. What is the cost of adding a new user to my Enterprise or Teams? How does license expiration work?
  71. About the LogMeIn and GoTo Merger
  72. How do I integrate LastPass Enterprise Reports with my Splunk account?
  73. Why does my second purchase cost more than my first one?
  74. How Do I add Custom Attributes to my Custom SAML Service?
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Still Having Trouble?
Look for answers in our vibrant customer-to-customer community help forums.
View your account information and view the status of previously submitted support tickets.
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