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Firefox FAQs

  1. How do I prevent LastPass from filling erroneous form fields?
  2. The LastPass Icon does not appear in my browser, how do I enable it?
  3. I forgot my Master Password or it's not working, how do I recover access to my account?
  4. LastPass won't save or autofill my data for a particular site - is there a workaround?
  5. Where is my data stored on my computer?
  6. Does LastPass work with basic authentication sites?
  7. How do I export my LastPass data?
  8. How do I change my master password?
  9. I keep receiving an error message: 'An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection.' How do I resolve this issue?
  10. What happens when is down? Can I still log in?
  11. Do I have the binary plugin installed?
  12. Can I log in to multiple LastPass accounts on the same computer at the same time?
  13. How do I delete my LastPass account?
  14. How to enable cookies in your browser for LastPass.
  15. How do I uninstall LastPass from my computer/mobile device?
  16. How do I set two site domains as equivalent?
  17. How can I get LastPass to auto logout when I close my browser, when I am idle, or when the computer turns off?
  18. I deleted a site / secure note / folder by accident - where can I find it?
  19. Some or all of my sites are gone! How do I get them back?
  20. How do I edit a folder or group in my Vault (rename, delete, subfolder, etc)?
  21. I'm being logged off after closing my browser, how do I stay logged in between browser sessions?
  22. Does LastPass recognize different subdomains?
  23. I've made a change to my Vault or shared data. How can I make those changes show up on other devices or users?
  24. How can I check the version of my LastPass plugin?
  25. How do I delete a folder or site from my Vault?
  26. Can I select a default login to be offered for sites with multiple logins saved?
  27. How do I add a Folder to my vault?
  28. How do I import from Norton Identity Safe?
  29. Does LastPass work in Windows 8 modern UI ("metro") and Windows RT?
  30. How do I add sites to LastPass?
  31. Why do I randomly get logged out of my LastPass session?
  32. Why aren’t my favicons appearing correctly?
  33. How do I disable/re-enable my browser password manager?
  34. What does binary support for extensions mean?
  35. I use the same sites every day - how do I automate logging into them?
  36. I don't see my previous password manager listed under the import options. Is it possible for me to import my data?
  37. Can I merge two LastPass accounts?
  38. My Antivirus program has warned me that LastPass is a virus/trojan/suspicious - should I be concerned?
  39. How do I change the default language?
  40. How do you move (multiple) sites from one folder to another folder?
  41. When I Accept a share, I get the message, "Sorry, your share data could not be decrypted. Please try again later." How do I fix this?
  42. Can LastPass automatically change my weak/old passwords for me?
  43. How can I login to multiple Gmail accounts on the same browser with LastPass?
  44. How long does it take for a shared item to appear in the other user's vault?
  45. LastPass logs off almost immediately after I login?
  46. How do I remove duplicate entries from the Vault?
  47. What does my website need to be able to work with LastPass?
  48. I have set a site as Never Autofill or Never Autologin, but LastPass is still filling/logging in. Why?
  49. The steps for account recovery failed for me, now what?
  50. Will LastPass log me out of websites when I close my browsing tab or browser?
  51. Why do I get logged out of LastPass when I close my browser despite my preferences?
  52. I have duplicate entries in my Local Vault and some items have disappeared? What is wrong?
  53. If I make an update to a shared site, will the other person see it?
  54. I need help! How do I open a support ticket?
  55. I'm seeing, "Your sessions has expired. Please relogin" - Why?
  56. Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?
  57. Why am I getting LASTPASS SECURITY WARNING message when visiting some websites?
  58. What does clearing LastPass' Local Cache do?
  59. What are these entries in my Vault called 'Generated'?
  60. How do I turn off automatic updates for LastPass?
  61. Is there a user manual that I can read to learn all about LastPass?
  62. I have a page that has a multiple fields or a multiple-page login system. How can I use LastPass?
  63. When registering for forums, I see this error: One or more of the fields entered was marked as spam.
  64. How can I switch between LastPass servers ( and ?
  65. How large can a file attachment be for a Secure Note?
  66. I'm new to the program. How do I get started with using LastPass?
  67. Can another browser extension or password manager capture data from LastPass?
  68. What does the NPLastPass/LastPass plugin in Firefox do?
  69. I am not able to set my computer as trusted using Linux OS with my multifactor.
  70. How do I download LastPass Premium on my computer?
  71. I'm launching a site from my Vault but LastPass is not autofilling. Why?
  72. Why is my extension being removed from my browser?
  73. I'm getting, "You must complete a security check before you are able to login to this site. Please do so, and then submit the form." alert, what is this?
  74. Why am I getting this error message, "populate_error:RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"?
  75. Why are my sites not launching from the Vault?
  76. When I run a security check, it does not check my shared items or shared folders. Is this expected?
  77. I am getting this message: 'LastPass detected a login form that is insecure', why?
  78. I deleted a site from 'Favorites' why is it missing from my whole Vault?
  79. I'm using Firefox, why does the URL show "chrome://lastpass/content/home2.xul" ?
  80. I am getting a "A consistency check failed while loading your sites. Please relogin" error.
  81. How do I share login state between browsers?
  82. Why can't I search within Secure Notes and Site notes?
  83. Firefox 29 no longer supports the Add-on Bar. How do I display the LastPass Icon?
  84. Why is the version in the Mozilla add-on store out of date?
  85. How do I unshare or revoke a shared item?
  86. Where can I find the latest updates and changes to LastPass?
  87. I am using a virtual environment and my local vault appears blank
  88. Why does the Master Password field input extra characters when I login?
  89. The add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure on
  90. What browsers does LastPass support?
  91. Why can't I see sites from within a Shared Folder in an Identity?
  92. All of my usernames and passwords have been overwritten with the same data in the LastPass Vault. Why?
  93. Someone may have sent me a phishing email. What email address does LastPass use?
  94. The LastPass popup has been blocked from loading on this site. Please fill using the LastPass Icon.
  95. How can I toggle the different kinds of vault display options in LastPass 4.0 ?
  96. Should I logout or use Master Password Reprompt to protect my account?
  97. I see Error C when opening an attachment, what does that mean?
  98. Cloning Secure Notes
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Still Having Trouble?
Look for answers in our vibrant customer-to-customer community help forums.
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