Safari FAQs

  1. How do I prevent LastPass from filling erroneous form fields?
  2. The LastPass icon does not appear in my browser, how do I enable it?
  3. I forgot my Master Password or it's not working, how do I recover access to my account?
  4. LastPass won't save or autofill my data for a particular site - is there a workaround?
  5. How do I export my LastPass data?
  6. Where is my data stored on my computer?
  7. Does LastPass work with basic authentication sites?
  8. I keep receiving an error message: 'An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection.' How do I resolve this issue?
  9. How do I change my master password?
  10. What happens when is down? Can I still log in?
  11. How do I delete my LastPass account?
  12. How to enable cookies in your browser for LastPass.
  13. Can I log in to multiple LastPass accounts on the same computer at the same time?
  14. How do I set two site domains as equivalent?
  15. How do I uninstall LastPass from my computer/mobile device?
  16. I've made a change to my Vault or shared data. How can I make those changes show up on other devices, browsers, or users?
  17. How can I get LastPass to auto logout when I close my browser, when I am idle, or when the computer turns off?
  18. How do I change my email for my LastPass account?
  19. Some or all of my sites are gone! How do I get them back?
  20. How do I edit a folder or group in my Vault (rename, delete, subfolder, etc)?
  21. I deleted a site / secure note / folder by accident - where can I find it?
  22. I'm being logged off after closing my browser, how do I stay logged in between browser sessions?
  23. LastPass is not autofilling login information. Why?
  24. Does LastPass recognize different subdomains?
  25. How can I login to multiple Gmail accounts on the same browser with LastPass?
  26. How do I add a Folder to my vault?
  27. How do I delete a folder or site from my Vault?
  28. How do I disable/re-enable my browser password manager?
  29. How do I add sites to LastPass?
  30. Why aren’t my favicons appearing correctly?
  31. How can I check the version of my LastPass plugin?
  32. Can I select a default login to be offered for sites with multiple logins saved?
  33. Can LastPass automatically change my weak/old passwords for me?
  34. Can I merge two LastPass accounts?
  35. The steps for account recovery failed for me, now what?
  36. What does binary support for extensions mean?
  37. How do I remove duplicate entries from the Vault?
  38. Why do I randomly get logged out of my LastPass session?
  39. How do I import from Norton Identity Safe?
  40. I have set a site as Never Autofill or Never Autologin, but LastPass is still filling/logging in. Why?
  41. I use the same sites every day - how do I automate logging into them?
  42. How do you move (multiple) sites from one folder to another folder?
  43. I'm seeing, "Your session has expired. Please relogin" - Why?
  44. How do I change the default language?
  45. I need help! How do I open a support ticket?
  46. What does clearing LastPass' Local Cache do?
  47. I don't see my previous password manager listed under the import options. Is it possible for me to import my data?
  48. How long does it take for a shared item to appear in the other user's vault?
  49. How do I set up YubiKey NEO and LastPass?
  50. My Antivirus program has warned me that LastPass is a virus/trojan/suspicious - should I be concerned?
  51. How do I export my sites or secure notes?
  52. What does my website need to be able to work with LastPass?
  53. Why are my sites not launching from the Vault?
  54. I have a page that has a multiple fields or a multiple-page login system. How can I use LastPass?
  55. I'm new to the program. How do I get started with using LastPass?
  56. Error Message: Unable to proceed, the website does not allow automated password change.
  57. Why do I get logged out of LastPass when I close my browser despite my preferences?
  58. What are these entries in my Vault called 'Generated'?
  59. Is there a user manual that I can read to learn all about LastPass?
  60. I have duplicate entries in my Local Vault and some items have disappeared? What is wrong?
  61. Will LastPass log me out of websites when I close my browsing tab or browser?
  62. Why am I getting LASTPASS SECURITY WARNING message when visiting some websites?
  63. Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?
  64. How can I switch between LastPass servers ( and ?
  65. How do I turn off automatic updates for LastPass?
  66. How do I download LastPass Premium on my computer?
  67. Where can I find the latest updates and changes to LastPass?
  68. How large can a file attachment be for a Secure Note?
  69. Why is my extension being removed from my browser?
  70. I am getting this message: 'LastPass detected a login form that is insecure', why?
  71. How do I share login state between browsers?
  72. How do I logoff?
  73. I am getting a "A consistency check failed while loading your sites. Please relogin" error.
  74. Why is the version in the Mozilla add-on store out of date?
  75. When registering for forums, I see this error: One or more of the fields entered was marked as spam.
  76. Why don't I have the LastPass Encrypted File option when I try to export?
  77. Can another browser extension or password manager capture data from LastPass?
  78. I'm getting, "You must complete a security check before you are able to login to this site. Please do so, and then submit the form." alert, what is this?
  79. Automatically logoff when idle is enabled but is not logging me off?
  80. How do I uninstall LastPass for Safari?
  81. I deleted a site from 'Favorites' why is it missing from my whole Vault?
  82. Why am I getting this error message, "populate_error:RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"?
  83. When I run a security check, it does not check my shared items or shared folders. Is this expected?
  84. How do I unshare or revoke a shared item?
  85. I tried installing LastPass in Safari, but nothing seems to happen.
  86. Why can't I search within Secure Notes and Site notes?
  87. Why am I am getting an error "SecurityError: DOM Exception 18" in Safari?
  88. What sites are supported by the Auto-Password Change feature?
  89. The browser reports "SSL certificate is invalid" when installing LastPass.
  90. How do I toggle between the full toolbar and compact icon in Safari?
  91. How do I enable LastPass in mobile Safari for filling?
  92. Error message: We're sorry. We were not able to change your password automatically. Your password was not changed.
  93. Why did the LastPass Icon turn into an ! (exclamation point)?
  94. I am using a virtual environment and my local vault appears blank
  95. All of my usernames and passwords have been overwritten with the same data in the LastPass Vault. Why?
  96. Why are requests being made to
  97. Why does the Master Password field input extra characters when I login?
  98. Why does LastPass take up a full toolbar line in Safari?
  99. Why can't I see sites from within a Shared Folder in an Identity?
  100. The LastPass extension keeps disappearing from Safari on restart.
  101. Why does the installer not offer to import my Safari passwords?
  102. Someone may have sent me a phishing email. What email address does LastPass use?
  103. The LastPass popup has been blocked from loading on this site. Please fill using the LastPass Icon.
  104. How do I remove LastPass NPAPI and install LastPass HelperApp as Binary Component?
  105. nplastpass is not responding, how do I fix this?
  106. I see Error C when opening an attachment, what does that mean?
  107. Should I logout or use Master Password Reprompt to protect my account?
  108. Why do I see the warning "LastPass does not support the highest level of security for Safari plug-ins" ?
  109. Cloning Secure Notes
  110. Where can the Helper App Binary component be found?
  111. Why aren't Sites being added to Recently Used?
  112. I see a new feature or functionality that I haven't heard about before. Why am I seeing it?
  113. How is it safe to allow LastPass to pull in sites from my email and change passwords for those sites?
  114. About the LogMeIn and GoTo Merger
  115. How can I address the security risks of the LastPass Helper on Mac? 
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