Add to Chrome.

Click 'Add extension' above.

The installation process should take less than a minute.

Next, you'll Create an Account.

Log in and access LastPass using the browser icon.

Add to Firefox.

Click "Allow" then "Install" above. The installation takes
less than a minute! Next, you'll create your account, or log in if you already have one.

Step 1.

Click "Allow"

Step 2.

Click "Install" and LastPass will be installed in under a minute.

Step 3.

Create your account.

Everything in LastPass Premium

Includes all the additional features in LastPass Premium and adds capabilities useful to companies desiring additional features and controls for their users.

LastPass Enterprise is deployed in days, not months. There is no need for costly, time-consuming consulting to get up and running. It works right out of the box, with an immediate ROI.

It automatically 'Learns' and 'Remembers' usernames and passwords for virtually all online websites, the Windows Login, and Windows applications. It provides universal access to resources, seamlessly synchronizing passwords across all platforms and browsers. Deployed on the desktop and in the cloud, your users will love using the powerful, intuitive features and readily adopt.

The Management Console allows your System Administrator to install and upgrade your installation, manage policies, user configurations, applications, authentication methods, and server operations. It provides centralized reporting for auditing and compliance.

Not Just Websites

LastPass Enterprise adds application filling on Windows. This is for ANY application not just applications that use the standard Win32 GUI like others. Application filling is currently Windows only but will expand to other platforms.


Already deployed SSO or Active Directory? You can use LastPass for web logins, to improve productivity logging in to apps locally, or to handle apps that haven't been integrated into your SSO/Active Directory. Many implementations require minor changes for each application to specify domain or other settings that confuse users -- LastPass resolves those issues.


LastPass supports command line automated install and command line based account creation. We supply scripts for your system admin to run on login to automatically enroll users into LastPass. If you use Active Directory, we can allow that to lead and not require users to login to LastPass at all. Manual deployment with emails to your user-base is also available. If you need something custom to make deployment easier, let us know, we're here to help.


A Web 2.0 cloud based approach allows mobile workforces seamless access to their accounts on any computer or mobile device from any location.


Enhanced account sharing! Using ‘shared folders’ employees can securely and easily share logins with others in the organization. Different access controls – such as "read-only" and "hide passwords" - can be set on a person-by-person basis. Changes to login credentials are synchronized automatically to everyone with whom the folder has been assigned.


Enforce site wide policies on password strength, security features and password expiration.


Employee accounts can be instantly disabled when employees leave the organization.


Administrators can view historical data and can audit employee logins and accesses.


Multifactor authentication offering increased security.