Recent changes to LastPass:

v4.84.0 - November 5th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

  • Various operability changes and minor bug fixes were implemented to improve the stability and overall performance of the LastPass web browser extension and online Vault.

v4.0.0 - October 28th 2021 -- Universal Proxy

  • The Universal Proxy 4.0.0 is now available in the new Admin Console in the Applications, MFA Apps menu.
  • LastPass Universal Proxy V4.0.0 uses CLS for the MFA, and thus the users from Identity must be migrated into CLS. The API key has been changed to CLS Integration key and integration secret.
  • Using RADIUS with LDAP authentication, that is, hybrid configuration is available.
  • User mapping is no longer required due to the CLS migration.
  • The authentication process is defined by default factors if not provided by the user.

v4.83.0 - October 21st 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

  • LastPass users now see new in-browser messaging alerting them if they have a "weak" or "average" security score based on the password entries saved in their Vault, where they can choose to select Open the Security Dashboard to view the at-risk passwords in their Vault and change their weak or reused passwords (recommended), or they can Disable alert on the prompt and make changes to at-risk passwords at a later time.
  • When LastPass users navigate to a site (for which they have credentials saved in their Vault) and the password is determined to be a duplicate of another stored site's password, they now see an in-browser notification where they can click View password and be taken directly to the Password Security page in the Security Dashboard of their Vault to change their reused password which improves their security score.
  • Fixed an issue in which users were unable to link their personal account after activating LastPass Families as a Benefit in their LastPass Business account. Previously, the account linking status would remain in an "Unlinked" state after the user completed the personal account linking process.
  • Fixed an issue that inadvertently triggered the message, "We've detected an insecure login form" on secure sites, even when the setting for "Warn before filling insecure forms" was disabled in the user's LastPass web browser extension Preferences.
  • Fixed an issue in which LastPass Business users for EU accounts were logged out of LastPass upon closing their web browser, even when the setting for "Log off when all browsers are closed" was disabled in the user's LastPass web browser extension Preferences.
  • Fixed an issue in which LastPass Business users were unable to log in to the LastPass Mac App if the user had enabled Duo Security as their multifactor authentication option and their LastPass admin had enforced the "Use Duo Web SDK when possible" policy for their account. Previously, these users would get stuck in a "loading" state in the LastPass Mac App and never reach the Duo authentication page.
  • Replaced all terminology references of "uncategorized" with "none" (for categorizing items that are not assigned to a folder or category) throughout all platforms of LastPass.

v4.82.0 - October 14th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • When LastPass users navigate to a site (for which they have credentials saved in their Vault) and the password strength is determined to be weak, they now see an in-browser notification where they can click View password and be taken directly to the Password Security page in the Security Dashboard of their Vault to change their weak password which improves their security score.
  • Federated login users now see that multifactor authentication is enabled for their account (with an automatic increase of 10% on their security score) since multifactor authentication must be set up at the Identity Provider level (within Azure AD, Okta, or AD FS settings) and not at the LastPass level (within the Multifactor Options tab in the Account Settings of their Vault). Previously, the security score of federated login users indicated that multifactor authentication was not set up, and therefore deducted 10% from their security score.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the personal "account linking" feature to be presented to users (on the Account Benefits page, after activating Families as a Benefit) even when the "Prohibit linked personal account" policy was enabled for the user. Please note that if the user completed the account linking process that was presented to them, the system never successfully linked the user's personal account to their LastPass Business account.

v4.81.0 - September 30th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • Fixed an issue in which the LastPass Vault was unresponsive after any navigating to any location (within the Vault) that presented input fields (e.g., adding a new password) when using certain versions of Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue in which federated login users were unable to verify their linked personal account after activating LastPass Families as a Benefit in their LastPass Business account. Previously, the account linking status would remain in a "Needs Verification" state but a verification email was never sent to the user.

v4.80.0 - September 17th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE

  • Changes were implemented to provide expired LastPass Families users (i.e., now LastPass Free users) with an offer via in-Vault messaging to purchase LastPass Premium or renew their expired LastPass Families subscription. Previously, expired LastPass Families users were not provided any upgrade or renewal options after converting to LastPass Free. For more information, please see My LastPass Families plan has expired, what options do I have?
  • Fixed an issue which caused multiple instances of the LastPass In-Field and/or Generate Password icons to appear in the username and password fields, respectively, of various login pages.
  • Fixed an issue in which the LastPass web browser extension erroneously populated the current site password in the first field provided (e.g., the "Old password" field was expected but only "New password" and "Confirm new password" fields are displayed) when users would attempt to change their account password for certain websites.

v4.79.0 - August 25th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • Various operability changes and minor bug fixes were implemented to improve the stability and overall performance of the LastPass web browser extension and online Vault.

v4.78.0 - August 11th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • LastPass users that have accessed their online web Vault (by logging in to the LastPass website) can now utilize account recovery to reset their Master Password using a Recovery One Time Password if it is ever forgotten. This means that a Recovery One Time Password (ROTP) is now captured and stored in the local cache of any web browser that is used to log in to the LastPass website, and the ROTP can be used during the account recovery process from any web browser that was used to access LastPass (as long as the user has not cleared the local cache of the web browser that was used). Previously, a Recovery One Time Password was only captured if a LastPass user logged in to the LastPass web browser extension only.

v4.77.0 - July 21st 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • All LastPass Business accounts now include a Families as a Benefit offer, which is a complimentary LastPass Families account provided to each employee that includes five (5) additional individual LastPass licenses. These licenses can be granted to anyone so they can use LastPass to keep their digital lives safe. Learn how to claim your LastPass Families as a Benefit offer.
  • If desired, employees can choose to link their personal LastPass Families account to their company's LastPass Business account, which allows them to keep Vault entries all in one place while both accounts remain separate.
  • Additionally, LastPass admins can view more details about the Families as a Benefit offer, policy restrictions, and available support options for users at Families as a Benefit - FAQs for Admins.

v4.76.0 - July 15th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari,

v4.75.0 - July 1st 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • Various operability changes and minor bug fixes were implemented to improve the stability and overall performance of the LastPass web browser extension and online Vault.

v4.74.0 - June 18th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari

  • Messaging has been updated on the login screen when users are prompted to verify their trusted device through email verification. Learn more about verifying trusted devices.
  • Various stability improvements were made to address an issue that would cause the LastPass web browser extension (on both Chrome and Chromium Edge) to be slow or unresponsive when a user would attempt to log in.
  • Operability changes were implemented to reduce latency within the user's Vault when calculating the security score for site password entries.

v3.0.0 - June 18th 2021 -- Universal Proxy

  • Upgraded LDAP and Radius clients with new socket connector and datagram connector implementations.
  • LDAP client is now Singleton (created once at Universal Proxy startup) instead of newly created on each incoming request.
  • Synchronous blocking IO replaced by Nonblocking IO. This increases scalability massively and reduces resource usage based on available CPU threads.
  • Session handling improvements and optimizations.

v4.73.0 - June 4th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Opera, IE, Safari

  • Fixed an issue in which LastPass Free users (who previously purchased the LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service) were unable to access the "Credit Monitoring" page of their LastPass Vault. View LastPass Credit Monitoring and Premium Credit Monitoring FAQs.
  • Fixed an issue in which the LastPass web browser extension opened a blank sub-menu when selecting Security Dashboard from the main extension menu.
  • Various operability changes and minor bug fixes were implemented to improve the stability and overall performance of the LastPass web browser extension and online Vault.

v4.72.0 - May 19th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Opera, IE, Safari

  • LastPass now uses the zxcvbn library to assist in calculating password strength for individual passwords stored in users' LastPass Vaults. Using the zxcvbn library to derive password strength calculations also aligns with industry standards and security best practices to ensure accuracy and consistency across LastPass. Individual password strength percentages are typically 0-25-50-75-100%, but may display a different value if an individual password has been reused on multiple entries in your Vault. Learn more about password strength calculation.
  • Fixed an issue in which shared folders and/or linked personal accounts were not displayed in the Vaults of LastPass EU customers after logging in via the LastPass web browser extension. As a temporary workaround, LastPass EU customers could access their shared folders and linked personal account data by logging in to their online web Vault via, or by clearing local cache and refreshing sites to access via the LastPass web browser extension.
  • Fixed an issue in which users were unable to add secure note attachments (i.e., the Add Attachment button was unresponsive) when adding a new secure note using the LastPass web browser extension on Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to be directed to "All Items" instead of "Security Dashboard" in the left navigation of their Vault if they selected Security Dashboard when using the LastPass for Safari app extension.

v4.71.0 - April 30th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

  • Fixed an issue in which multiple alerts in the right navigation of the Security Dashboard caused the last alert listed to be displayed as cut off in the web Vault.
  • Made a change to the security score implementation in which the security score will now display a fixed unknown value "?" if there are no stored passwords in the user's Vault. In the previous implementation, the security score displayed as 0% which counted negatively against the user (i.e., a "Not so safe" status).

v2.4.0 - April 21st 2021 -- Universal Proxy

  • Diagnostic tool automation improvements - tool now validates existing Universal Proxy configuration.
  • Simplified diagnostic tool invocation - uproxy -diagnostic Learn how to run diagnostics
  • Diagnostic tool automatically creates and saves result to file in /logs directory.
  • Diagnostic data collector uproxy -collectDiangosticData now adds diagnostic result file to a zipped collection. Learn how to gather diagnostics for support cases

v4.70.0 - April 16th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

  • Removed all references for the "old" password categorization from the security score calculation in order to align with the latest changes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines that no longer consider having an "old" password a security risk factor.
  • Fixed an issue in which the "Account logoff on browser close" policy was not adhering to being fully disabled. Previously, when the policy was disabled for all users, the browser extension Preference "Log off when all browsers are closed" setting still displayed as enabled but greyed out. Now, the Preference displays as disabled and greyed out.

v4.69.0 - April 8th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Fixed an issue in which the user's web browser extension drop-down menu was displayed as blank.
  • Fixed an issue where LastPass Free users were unable to export their Vault if they selected Mobile as their active device type. Learn how to export.

v04.01.2021 - April 1st 2021 -- Vault and SSO

  • Fixed an issue in which the user's online web Vault would not load (would display as continuously spinning/loading) if the web browser extension was not installed on the browser being used.
  • Fixed an issue in which the user's Vault was displayed as empty (no stored Vault items) if the user had upgraded from LastPass Free to a paid subscription plan and accessed LastPass for the first time (after purchasing) on their non-active device type – Workaround available for immediate resolution

v4.68.0 - March 26th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Fixed an issue in which newly converted federated login users were not being recognized as federated when logging in to the LastPass web browser extension

v1.1.1 - March 16th 2021 -- MacOS Workstation Login Agent

  • Native support for macOS Big Sur (11.2) and Apple M1 hardware.
  • Removal of support for MacOS Mojave (10.14).
  • Various operability and stability changes have been implemented to ensure less resources are being used during the installation and/or update processes.

v4.67.0 - March 10th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

v2.3.0 - March 8th 2021 -- Universal Proxy

  • Support for OpenVPN Access and Community versions.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics. Improved installation and setup logging, allowing easier set up, with more feedback.
  • Expanded User Mapping. Configure even more options for usernames.

v4.66.0 - February 24th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v02.24.2021 - February 24th 2021 -- Vault and SSO

  • LastPass now provides voice call as MFA method for Vault and SSO applications.

v02.23.2021 - February 23rd 2021 -- Admin Console

  • The new Admin console is now available for companies on the EU datacenter.

v4.65.0 - February 10th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.64.0 - February 8th 2021 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.63.0 - January 25th 2021 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Firefox, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v12.16.2020 - December 16th 2020 -- Vault

  • Integrated Time-Based One-Time Passcode.

v4.62.0 - December 14th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.61.0 - November 25th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, IE, Opera

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.60.0 - November 11th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Safari, IE, Opera

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.59.0 - October 26th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Safari, IE, Opera

  • Minor enhancements to in product messaging capabilities, including message display in the web vault and other improvements.
  • After extension installation is complete, a new user will be automatically signed into LastPass and begin the onboarding tour as an overlay to their Vault. If the user dismisses the tour, their overlay will minimize and they will be directed to their Vault.

v10.19.2020 - October 19th 2020 -- Admin Console

  • In the latest release for the New Admin Console, LastPass admins now have the ability to reset Master Passwords for users. This means that admins are no longer required to return to the previous version of the Admin Console in order to use this core feature.

v10.13.2020 - October 13th 2020 -- Admin Console

  • The New Admin Console for LastPass is here! With a refreshing new look, the new Admin Console streamlines your admin experience by providing unified visibility and granular control over every employee account, as well as detailed insight into your organization's security posture.

v4.58.0 - October 12th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.57.2 - September 28th 2020 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the new user automatic sign-in was not working properly when using the Firefox extension.

v4.57.1 - September 28th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • We've made enhancements to the Security Dashboard by improving the way we calculate your Security Score as well as adding tooltips to help you use the dashboard more easily. We are also offering our LastPass Premium and Families users a free month of ExpressVPN. Visit the Security Dashboard within your LastPass Vault and click the ExpressVPN icon to take advantage of this offer.
  • After registering for LastPass new users will be automatically signed into their account once extension installation is complete instead of having to manually sign in.
  • Note: The automatic sign-in is not available on IE, Edge and Safari

v4.56.0 - September 14th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.55.0 - August 28th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v08.27.2020 - August 27th 2020 -- Admin Console

  • SSO Apps: In the left-hand rail of your Admin Console under Application, you will now see a new tab titled SSO Apps. From here, you can assign single sign-on apps to employees.
  • Password Apps: In the left-hand rail of your Admin Console under Application, you will now see a new tab titled Password Apps. From here, you can credentials, bookmarks to employees.
  • Transfer Account: transfer the User’s Vault to an other user by converting the original user account into a Shared Folder and share the Shared Folder with the new user. The original user account is deleted and all of its Vault content is moved to the new Shared Folder.

v4.54.0 - August 14th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Opera, IE, Safari

  • New: New UI with improved performance for the extension login.
  • New: Choose which multi-factor authentication option to login with if you have multiple enabled.
  • Note: The new login UI will be rolling out over the next few weeks – so if you don’t see it yet, check back soon!
  • Note: The new UI for the extension login is not available for Safari or IE.
  • Fixed: Override Session Lifetime policy message is no longer misplaced in Safari.

v4.53.0 - August 3rd 2020 -- Firefox

  • Rolled out the 4.53.0 version to the Firefox browser extension.

v4.53.0 - July 31st 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Opera, IE, Safari

  • LastPass has added the Security Dashboard, your command center for digital  security.  In one view you can see your weak and reused passwords  as well as any  alerts on  compromised accounts  that need immediate action.  Stop worrying about data breaches. Our new dark web monitoring feature proactively watches all accounts related to your email addresses or usernames for breach activity and alerts you  when you need to  take action. This functionality will be rolling out over the next few weeks – so if you don’t see it, check back soon!

v4.52.0 - July 16th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, IE, Opera

  • Fixed: Auto logout policy was not respected in some cases.
  • Fixed: The button to accept permissions were cut off on German and French languages.

v4.51.0 - July 2nd 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.50.0/v4.50.1 - June 18th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Edge, Opera, IE

  • New: Session lifetime override policy.

v4.49.0 - June 3rd 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Opera, Edge

  • New: Updated login UI.
  • New: Users can now choose to use an alternative MFA option at login.

v4.48.0 - May 13th 2020 -- Chrome, Safari, IE

  • Improved: More reliable federated user account detection.
  • Improved: 'None' folder category in your Vault is now renamed to 'uncategorized' for better clarity.
  • Fixed: The running LastPass Mac App can interrupt the computer restart.

v4.47.0/v.4.47.1 - April 30th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Safari, Edge, Opera / IE

  • Improved: Idle time calculation.
  • Fixed: Unable to disable 'Clear clipboard after this many seconds' in Preferences.
  • Fixed: Unable to disable the 'Remember Password' feature via enabling 'Log out when all browsers are closed' in Preferences.
  • Fixed: 'Account Logoff on browser close' policy doesn't work correctly on Opera and IE.

v4.46.0 - April 15th 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Safari, Edge, Opera, IE

  • Fixed: Recommend or Require Linked Personal Account Policy can be circumvented by using the Browser Toolbar Dropdown.

v4.45.0 - April 3rd 2020 -- Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE

  • New: Chromium-based Edge - Windows Installer incorporates the new Edge extension.
  • Improved: Import and Export feature works without having to install the binary component.
  • Fixed: Firefox - Extension can crash after account has been created.
  • Fixed: Safari - Matching sites is showing the count of a previously navigated domain.
  • Fixed: Chrome via installer - Users get prompted to re-enable the extension sometimes.

v4.44.0 - March 19th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera, Firefox

  • Fixed: Onboarding experience might restart after login.
  • Fixed: Subscription expiration message on the Browser Toolbar Dropdown makes the top menu item appear cropped.

v4.43.1 - March 11th 2020 -- Firefox

  • New: Copy to clipboard consent added due to increased security measures released in Firefox v74

v4.43.0 - March 4th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera

  • Fixed: Safari App Extension - Browser Toolbar Dropdown resizes after logout.
  • Fixed: Mac App - Quick Search freezes.

v4.42.0 - February 20th 2020 -- Chrome, new Edge, IE, Opera, Firefox

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.41.2 - February 13th 2020 -- Chrome

  • New: Era.
  • Fixed: Unattended logout issue.

v4.41.1 - February 11th 2020 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Not respecting the setting 'Log out after this many minutes of inactivity'.

v4.41.0 - January 28th 2020 -- Firefox, Edge, IE

  • See below.

v4.41.0 - January 23rd 2020 -- Chrome

  • Improvement: 'Log out after inactivity' feature works without the binary component.

v4.40.2 - January 16th 2020 -- Chrome, Opera

  • Fixed: Unable to install extension in Chrome and Opera when Browser Language is set to Italian.

v4.40.1 - January 13th 2020 -- Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Opera, Firefox, new Edge

  • Fixed: In Chromium-based Edge the MFA prompt should show default computer name as Edge not Chrome.

v4.36.2 - December 12th 2019 -- IE

  • Fixed: Universal Windows installer for LastPass sometimes freezes on update.
  • Fixed: Web vault prompts to download extension even with add-on installed.
  • Fixed: IE Password Import doesn’t work.

v4.39.0 - December 12th 2019 -- Chrome, Edge, Safari

  • Fixed: Firefox extension shrinks when typing in search bar.
  • Fixed: Renewal message in Extension Dropdown menu breaks search bar functionality.

v4.38.0 - December 2nd 2019 -- Firefox

  • See below.

v4.38.0 - November 27th 2019 -- Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera

  • Improved: Avoiding confusion by removing sharing option for Notes in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Fill Password button on the Extension Dropdown is cutoff when the language is set to Netherlands.
  • Fixed: Importing previously exported, encrypted vault data does not perform as expected.
  • Fixed: LastPass Login - Private Firefox Window blocks login when 2FA enabled.
  • Fixed: LastPass Login - Remember Email option does not work for federated users.
  • Fixed: Credit Monitoring feature fails to load in the Firefox and Safari extension.

v4.37.0 - November 14th 2019 -- Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox

  • Fixed: Generate Secure Password panel is not functioning properly.
  • Fixed: Upgrade to Families dialog shows on sharing before expiration in a certain scenario.

v4.36.0 - October 30th 2019 -- Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Opera, Firefox

  • Minor bug fixes.

4.35.1 - October 18th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox

  • Fixed: Autofill not working on Twitter.

4.35.0 - October 16th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.34.0 - October 3rd 2019 -- Chrome, Safari, Edge

  • Improved: Logout state is not shared from the LastPass extension to
  • Fixed: The LastPass MFA prompt on login could appear on inactive/hidden browser window instead of the active one.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.33.5 - September 26th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

  • Minor bug fixes.

v09.26.2019 - September 26th 2019 -- Admin Console

  • Add users to a Shared Folder directly from Admin Console > Shared Folders > Shared Folders Details panel
  • Add site to a Shared Folder directly from Admin Console > Shared Folders > Shared Folders Details panel
  • Added "Last login" date to User Page

v4.33.0 / v4.33.4 - September 12th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, Opera

  • Fixed: Account type appears now correctly for Identity trial users.
  • Security: Minor bug fixes.

v4.32.0 - August 22nd 2019 -- Chrome, Edge, Safari, IE, Opera

  • Fixed: LastPass for Safari does not autofill on page load.
  • Fixed: Recently Used menu shows empty in some cases.
  • Fixed: Added advanced setting "Offer to create form fill profile" back to the IE extension.
  • Fixed: Federated users are unable to sign in via LastPass for Applications (Windows).

v4.31.2 - August 14th 2019 -- Firefox

  • New: Added user consent dialog for Firefox only. Mozilla requested we display this additional prompt for more transparency in accordance with their Firefox disclosure policy. No LastPass functional or policy changes are associated with this update.

v4.31.0 - July 22nd 2019 -- Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Opera

  • Improved: PEM files are now supported as attachments on Secure Notes.
  • Improved: Custom fields are now supported when importing from 1Password.
  • Improved: Enhanced fillable data detection via the Browser Toolbar Dropdown.
  • Fixed: Matching sites not updated correctly in some cases in Safari.
  • Fixed: Firefox Private mode blocks the Multifactor verification tab from opening.
  • Fixed: Favorites menu can disappear from the Safari extension dropdown.
  • Fixed: Free users can One-to-Many share single Vault Items.

v4.30.0 - June 28th 2019 -- Chrome, Safari, Opera

  • Adding a new Multi-Factor Authentication option for business customers.

v4.29.0 - June 12th 2019 -- IE

  • See below.

v4.29.0 - June 6th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera

  • Improved: Improved mechanism for filling credit card expiration date.
  • Improved: Warning message displayed now when trying to upload unsupported Secure Note attachments.
  • Fixed: SMS-based two-factor authentication in Firefox opens the browser’s dev console.

v4.28.0 - May 21st 2019 -- IE

  • See below.

v4.28.0 - May 16th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

  • Improved: Page interaction performance.
  • Fixed: Unable to trust device when using Yubikey.
  • Fixed: On - save prompt contains dots instead of the password on login.
  • Fixed: On - no save prompt on login.
  • Fixed: Notification to add a site shows when 'Never Do Anything' Never URL setting is enabled.

v4.27.2 - April 29th 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.27.0 - April 25th 2019 -- Chrome, Edge

  • Improved: Page interaction performance.
  • Improved: More strict offline Vault access control.
  • Fixed: Autofill is not working on on Firefox.

v4.26.0 - March 21st 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, IE

  • Fixed: Importing Dashlane CSV does not parse correctly on Windows.
  • Fixed: Enabling the binary component via the Browser Toolbar Dropdown is not working.
  • Fixed: Vault can open unintentionally on browser restart.
  • Fixed: Edit Equivalent Domain icon is missing from the Preferences screen.
  • Fixed: "Open Secure Note" event not appearing in Enterprise Reports.
  • Fixed: "Require Master Password Change When Reuse Detected" policy not applied on windows for enterprise customers.
  • Fixed: LastPass For application does not work with Federated users for enterprise customers.

v1.3.682 - March 19th 2019 -- AD Connector

  • Enable Active Directory Federation Services for existing users.

v4.25.2 - March 13th 2019 -- Chrome

  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.25.1 - March 7th 2019 -- Safari

  • Fixed: Blank browser Toolbar Dropdown on macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

v4.25.0 - March 1st 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE, Opera

  • New: LastPass is allowed to fill on payment sites.
  • Fixed: [Safari] Filling from context menu not working in some cases.
  • Fixed: [Safari] Infield icon menu doesn’t get properly opened in full screen mode.
  • Fixed: [Safari] Occasional blank browser Toolbar Dropdown.

v4.24.1 - February 18th 2019 -- Windows build

  • Security: Improved clean-up process for 'LastPass for Application'.

v4.24.0 - February 1st 2019 -- Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Opera

  • New: New users on Firefox and Edge will now experience the most updated user interface.
  • Improved: More consistent offline mode login.
  • Fixed: Disabling the Password Alerts prompt is not respected.
  • Fixed: Typo in Software License Secure Note template.

v4.23.1 - January 22th 2019 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Intermittent issue causing a blank Extension Dropdown Menu.

v4.23.0 - January 17th 2019 -- Chrome / Firefox

  • Fixed: Managing One Time Passwords is blocked in some cases.
  • Fixed: Cannot set an initial password or perform a Master Password reset from the Admin Console.
  • Fixed: Generated password timestamps are not recorded correctly.
  • New: Copy functionality will respect manually changed generated passwords.
  • New: New enterprise policy to globally disable autofill for desktop enterprise users.

v4.21.0 / v4.21.2 - December 13th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / IE

  • Fixed: Removed time-out option to make "Automatically Log out when all browsers are closed" setting more secure.
  • Fixed: Broken drop-down menu in Firefox when "Never Remember history" setting is used.
  • Fixed: "Show My LastPass Vault After Login" setting is not respected.
  • Fixed: "Default Account for New Sites" enterprise policy not applied in all scenarios.
  • Fixed: "Disable Password Alerts" setting is not respected.
  • Security: Minor bug fixes.

v4.19.0 - November 1st 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / Edge / IE / Opera

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v1.2.519 - October 18th 2018 -- AD Connector

  • Federated login improvements.
  • Improve usage.
  • Enable Microsoft Authenticator MFA.
  • Update target .NET Framework version to 4.6 (highest version supported by Windows Server 2008 SP2).
  • Stability and reliability fixes.

v4.18.1 - October 18th 2018 -- Chrome / Edge / FireFox

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v4.18.0 - October 5th 2018 -- Chrome / Edge / IE / Opera

  • Fixed: Extension Dropdown Menu cannot be opened in some cases.
  • Fixed: Wrong encoding of some special characters when exporting.
  • Security: No offline autofill happens before MFA completes.
  • Security: Minor bug fixes.

v4.17.1 - September 26th 2018 -- Safari

v4.17.1 - September 5th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / Edge / IE / Opera

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v4.17.0 - Aug 22nd 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v4.16.2 - August 8th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox

  • Fixed: Vault opens on first login.

v4.16.1 - July 27th 2018 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: The get-started page keeps popping open on Windows.

v4.16.0 - July 26th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Opera

  • New: New user onboarding experience is now available to all users to help save your first site on LastPass.
  • New: Upgrade button now available in the user vault to purchase Premium.
  • New: All users still using the 3.0 Vault style will now see the 4.0 Vault style as of August 1st.
  • Fixed: Improvements to the logic for the Save a site card.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v4.15.2 - July 17th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Opera

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

v4.1.58 - July 16th 2018 -- IE

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

v4.12.0 - June 14th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Opera

  • Security: Improved default password hashing

v4.10.1 - May 18th 2018 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Account recovery is failing
  • Fixed: Not responsive in Incognito mode on Firefox ESR

v4.10.0 - May 10th 2018 -- Chrome

v4.10.0 - May 12th 2018 -- FireFox / Edge / v4.1.56 - May 14th 2018 - IE
  • New: Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Read more details about it here.
  • Fixed: Save-a-Site dialog is not firing on Google when MFA turned on
  • Fixed: Enterprise Users with specific roles are not able to Link Personal accounts
  • Security: Our Master Password policy requires now a minimum length of 12 characters

v1.1.444 - May 8th 2018 -- AD Connector

  • Minor bugfixes.

v4.9.2 - April 20th 2018 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Extension dropdown will not open in Firefox ESR

v4.9.1 - April 12th 2018 -- Chrome / Firefox

  • Fixed: Frequently appearing message 'An error occured while attempting to contact the server'

v4.9.0 - March 29th 2018 -- Chrome / FireFox / Edge

  • Fixed: Page rendering issues on Firefox and Edge
  • Fixed: Extension broke in Private Browsing mode on Firefox
  • Fixed: Misleading upgrade notification appears for Edge users
  • Improved: Smoother on-boarding flow for first time users
  • Improved: Logging on Note deletion for Enterprise admins
  • Security: Strengthening the Confirm Master Password re-prompt
  • Security: More rigorous LastPass Authenticator re-prompt

v4.7.3 - March 12th 2018 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Localization issue

v4.7.1 - March 8th 2018 -- Chrome / FireFox / Edge

  • Fixed: Onboarding tutorial dialog disposition on
  • Security: Tightened rule for running the in-house ad within the extension

v1.0.420 - February 23th 2018 -- AD Connector

  • Minor bugfixes.

v4.7.0 - February 12th 2018 -- Chrome

  • Improved: Email verification on share accept

v4.5.0 - January 8th 2018 -- Chrome

  • Improved: Updated URL rules

v4.2.2 - December 12th 2017 -- Edge

  • New: LastPass Families feature and opt-in arrived. User manual.
  • New: User onboarding experience
  • New: Enhanched infield menu experience
  • New: Generate password experience
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

v4.2.3 / v4.2.3a - December 4th 2017 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Families opt-in dialog appearance

v4.3.0 - November 15th 2017 -- Chrome

  • New: Relevant policy will allow Enterprise emails to be saved only into the Enterprise Vault domain

v4.2.1 / v4.2.1a - November 9th 2017 -- Firefox

  • New: Firefox extension now compatible with Firefox 57 using the WebExtension API
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

v4.2.0 / v4.2.0a - October 16th 2017 -- Chrome / Firefox

  • New: LastPass Families feature and opt-in arrived. User manual.
  • Fixed: Numerous smaller bug fixes

v4.1.80 - October 12th 2017 -- Firefox

  • LastPass beta for Firefox 57. Read about it in our blog post.

v4.1.66a - October September 28th 2017 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Export functionality issue
  • Improved: Searching in Infield menu

v4.1.61 Hot Fix - September 15th 2017 -- Safari

  • Fixed: LastPass is now compatible with Safari 9

v4.1.65 / v4.1.65a - September 12th 2017 -- Chrome / FireFox

  • Improved: Better Families opt-in dialog for closed Beta

v4.1.64 / v4.1.64a - September 8th 2017 -- Chrome / FireFox

  • New: Introduced Families closed Beta

v4.1.63 - August 30th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Copy button is no longer enabled if there is no text to copy
  • Improved: Better alert for email validation to start sharing

v4.1.62 - August 9th 2017 -- FireFox

  • Fixed: FireFox onboarding save a site now work
  • Fixed: FireFox and Edge Infield password generator 'more' button now works

v4.1.61 - July 27th 2017 -- Safari / Chrome

  • Fixed: Safari now correctly sizes the Safari extension dropdown
  • Fixed: Recovery help link on Safari extension login now works
  • Improved: Keyboard navigation in the extension
  • Improved: No longer prompted to confirm a form fill unless the domain has changed

v1.0.356 - July 6th 2017 -- AD Connector

  • Proper error handling of missing config file.
  • Fix UI refresh issue on the Directory Whitelist dialog.
  • Fix "Please wait" spinner on tree view.

v4.1.60 - July 6th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: New user onboarding experience now redirects correctly
  • Fixed: Infield search now returns fillable data
  • Fixed: Secure notes attachments are now correctly named on download
  • Improved: Better extension menu user experience
  • Improved: Better Infield card user experience

v1.0.350 - June 14th 2017 -- AD Connector

  • Nested group support is added to Directory Whitelist.
  • Fix UI issue "Cannot resolve object from AD".

v4.1.55 - June 13th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Infield icons are missing from new Google login page
  • Improved: New user onboarding experience

v4.1.53 / v4.1.53a - May 18th 2017 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Autofill is not working in Firefox ESR 45

v4.1.52 - May 11th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Extension dropdown was showing up blank due to loss of connection with the server

v4.1.51 - May 10th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Improved: User onboarding experience
  • Improved: Generate password experience
  • Improved: Visual updates to Save-a-Site
  • Fixed: Extension references dropdown
  • Fixed: Adding a new account with an auto-generated password
  • Fixed: Issues when there are more than four matching sites

v4.1.47 - April 21th 2017 -- Firefox

v4.1.46 - April 19th 2017 -- Firefox

v4.1.45 - March 31th 2017 -- IE / Firefox / Chrome

v4.1.44 -- Opera / Safari / Edge

  • Fixed: Second iteration on fixing vulnerabilities reported by security researcher. Read more about it here.
  • Fixed: 3.0 mode on Firefox 52 is freezing extension dropdown
  • Fixed: Typo on SMS passcode message.
  • Fixed: Autofill fails on
  • Fixed: Settings with values in Extension > Preferences can get unsaved.
  • Fixed: False reprompt on
  • Improved: Registration tab handling on first install.
  • Improved: Added new translations.
  • Improved: Saving generated passwords.
  • New: Updated prompt for saving a site and enhanched infield menu experience in Firefox and Safari.
  • New: Repositioning Show Matching Sites in the extension dropdown.

v4.1.35 - March 28th 2017 -- IE

  • New: Added new never url type.
  • New: Adding option to do not inject any JS, if no user is logged in.
  • Fixed: Prevent false reprompt.

v4.1.30 / v3.3.4 & v4.1.36 / v4.1.43 - March 22th 2017 -- Edge / Firefox / Chrome

v4.1.42 - March 13th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Re-activating a disabled enterprise account

v4.1.41 - Feb 24th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Improved: Enhanced logic for detecting new credentials for already saved sites.
  • Fixed: Not filling in the corresponding password when switching Google accounts.
  • Fixed: Random number string shows up on Tweetdeck search bar.
  • Fixed: Limiting sites in shared folders can cause errors.

v4.1.40 - Feb 9th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: LastPass was interfering with the operation of a handful of sites when enabled.
  • Improved: More accurate prompts, now not prompted to save a site if security questions are submitted.
  • Fixed: Incorrect detection of username changes when login form is submitted.

v4.1.39 - Jan 30th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: LastPass prevented DUO websdk logins to 3rd party sites.

v4.1.38 - Jan 27th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Linux case sensitivity caused a problem loading extension files.

v4.1.37 - Jan 27th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Prevent extra request to the server to update form field information.

v4.1.36 - Jan 19th 2017 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Legacy 3.0 vault.

v4.1.35 - Jan 11th 2017 -- IE

  • Fixed: Occasional crash on page load for
  • Fixed: Logout on idle detection edge cases.
  • Fixed: Gray icon while logged in.
  • Fixed: FormFills now available in the menu.
  • Fixed: Show username/password for Save All Entered Data sites.
  • Improved: Obscure pin for RSA SecureID.

v4.1.33 - Nov 17th 2016 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Admin Console link now shows in extension menu, if you are an Enterprise or Teams Admin.
  • Fixed: Save a site improvements.

v4.1.31 - Nov 3rd 2016 -- Chrome

  • Fixed: Vault failed to initialize for some enterprise customers.
  • Fixed: Truncated attachment names to 2 characters.
  • Fixed: Emergency access issue when designating a delay time.

v4.1.25/26 - Aug 4th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • Fixed: Better error messages in vault.
  • Improved: Turn off spellcheck attribute for a few HTML fields.

v4.1.23 - Aug 1st 2016 -- Chrome/Firefox

  • Fixed: Shadow on typeahead
  • Improved: Support for new enterprise option.

v4.1.20 - July 15th 2016 -- Chrome/Firefox/IE

  • New: Custom secure note templates supported. Read more about it here.
  • Fixed: Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

v4.1.17 - June 23rd 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Converting folder to shared folder no longer requires a refresh.
  • Fixed: Deletion of fields in sites saved with Save All Entered Data.
  • Fixed: View password when reprompt master password set.
  • Fixed: Setting never save for a particular site was not effective.

v4.1.16 - June 10th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Updated login/create account screens.
  • Fixed: Prevent memory leak caused by context menus.
  • Fixed: Prevent double field icons.
  • Fixed: Updating fields in shared sites.
  • Fixed: Searching subdomains in sites in vault.

v4.1.15 - June 9th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Prevent memory leak caused by context menus.
  • Fixed: Prevent double field icons.
  • Fixed: Updating fields in shared sites.
  • Fixed: Searching subdomains in sites in vault.

v4.1.9 - May 10th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Reduced memory usage in icon processing.
  • Improved: Show a more detailed credit card summary on form fills in the vault.
  • Improved: Stronger password hint validation.
  • Improved: Made site replacement dialog more accessible.

v4.1.7 - Apr 25th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Apply permissions to others in shared folder was incorrectly assigning to all users.
  • Fixed: Idle logout preferences change do not require a browser restart.
  • Fixed: Login dialog was not closing when opened as a tab.
  • Fixed: Convert an existing folder to shared folder now also assigns to SuperAdmin, if policy exists.

v4.1.4 - Apr 1st 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Slight change to default LastPass icon. Now easier to see!
  • New: In-field generate password button when adding a new site manually.
  • New: Can clone applications.
  • Improved: Better UI performance in list view on Chrome (large number of vault entries)
  • Improved: Save folder state (open/closed) on logout.
  • Improved: Show "No search results" when nothing is returned from search.
  • Fixed: Fixed Textexpander/secure input issue globally instead of just login.
  • Fixed: Can delete credit monitoring alerts.

v4.1.5 - Mar 16th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Preferences couldn't be saved.

v4.1.4 - Mar 15th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Blank verify device popup.

v4.1.2/3 - Mar 8th 2016 -- IE/Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • Fixed: Scroll in field popup menu on some pages.
  • Fixed: Pending shares are now visible and can be accepted.
  • Fixed: Fixed several potential crashes.
  • Fixed: Hundreds of additional bug fixes for new 4.0 vault.
  • Fixed: Attachments updates.

v4.1.2 - Feb 23rd 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • Improved: Restored "Replace Site" functionality to save site dialog when opened from web site notification.
  • Improved: Don't submit save request when an item's data has not changed.
  • Fixed: Show credit monitoring terms and conditions.
  • Fixed: Removed inline-style CSP violation errors.

v4.1.0-2 - Feb 11th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • New: LastPass has a new logo. Read about it here.
  • Improved: Better support for screen readers.
  • Improved: Addition of compact view to the vault to show more items at a time. Select the magnifying glass icon for a higher-density view.
  • Improved: Faster search performance in vault and menu.
  • Fixed: Hundreds of bug fixes since the release of 4.0.0.

v4.0.0 - Jan 5th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE

  • New: LastPass 4.0 features a completely a redesigned interface in the LastPass vault, browser extension menus, and web vault. The entirely new look and feel includes bigger website icons, simpler navigation, and bolder colors.
  • New: Toggle between Grid or List view in the vault, so you can manage your data the way you want. Grid features large icon tiles for easily spotting a stored item. List view features a condensed list of items with smaller icons. Both views allow you to edit, share, add, move, and delete items, so you can choose the view you prefer.
  • New: The Sharing Center offers one convenient place to manage all the items you've shared and that others have shared with you, including Shared Folders. Available in the vault from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • New: Enable Emergency Access, so you can give trusted family or friends access to your vault in case of an unexpected emergency. Available in the vault from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • New: Multi-select in the LastPass vault, so you can check multiple items at once to move them all to a new folder, share them all, or delete them all at once.

v3.3.0/3.3.1 - Mar 8 2016 -- Firefox/Opera/Maxthon

v3.2.42 - Jan 4th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Fixes a bug only present in Firefox 43+ that displays site names multiple times in the menu search.

v3.2.40/3.2.41 - Oct 26th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • New: Trusted computers expire after 30 days, you will be prompted for multifactor to re-trust.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon was difficult to click on certain sites.
  • Fixed: Improved session handling when logging into both extension and web vault.
  • Improved: Faster security challenge calculations.

v3.2.28/3.2.29 - Sept 3rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: More accurate filling for sites with blank field values.
  • Fixed: Reduce CPU usage on sites with many inputs and divs.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon left justified on page.
  • Fixed: Freeze on some flash sites when adblock was installed in addition to LastPass.

v3.2.26/3.2.27 - Aug 27th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Include FormFill profiles in the menu search.
  • Improved: Better support for right to left languages.
  • Fixed: Prevent incorrect breach notifications for newly added sites.
  • Fixed: More accurate filling for Bank of America, Trello, etc.

v3.2.24/3.2.25 - Aug 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Better workflow for password change/linked accounts.
  • Improved: Provide way to permanently dismiss menu item highlighting premium/enterprise options.
  • Fixed: Removed console log debug statement.

v3.2.20/3.2.21 - Aug 6th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Better filling for username on sites with 2 page logins.
  • Improved: Use better font for password fields to make it easier to distinguish ambiguous characters.
  • Fixed: Master Passsword reporting to the enterprise console is more accurate.
  • Fixed: Attachments can be immediately accessible after adding.
  • Fixed: Server, Data, Email notes moved into Shared Folders now support copy password.
  • Fixed: Prevent javascript from being injected into WYSIWYG applications.

v3.2.16 - Jul 28th 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Secure note history support in IE.
  • New: Support enterprise policy to send extra data on password change to provide more logging for administrator.
  • Improved: Add support for new mobile model.
  • Improved: Support tabbing in IE popup window.
  • Improved: On-demand downloading of secure note attachments.
  • Improved: Better filling on
  • Fixed: Allow manually added sites to work on sites using basic authentication.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.

v3.2.16/3.2.17 - July 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Support for new global TLDs recently added by ICANN.
  • Fixed: Field icon popup reduced DOM element creation/destruction.
  • Fixed: URL parsing issue.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change using namespace

v3.2.14/3.2.15 - July 10th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Better add site wizard.
  • Improved: Make password hint optional when creating an account.
  • Fixed: Prevent overwriting of field value if manually overridden.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change for

v3.12 - June 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: If you want to sign out automatically when you quit the LastPass app, select the new logout on exit option in the preferences menu.
  • New: Edit option now available when you right-click on a site entry, so you can avoid the View screen.
  • Improved: Syncing updates and refreshing your vault more frequently and reliably, with a new background request to automatically check for updates.
  • Fixed: Offline mode is available again, so you can access data via the app with no Internet connection or when servers are down.

v3.2.10/3.2.11 - June 8th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Safari not opening local vault pages if on Top Sites page.
  • Fixed: Save attachment now downloads data if not local.
  • Fixed: Prevent users from trying to create shared folders in site edit screen.
  • Fixed: Prevent unnecessary server request to calculate security score.
  • Improved: Better handling of popup on sites that use CSP.

v3.2.6/3.2.7 - May 21th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: autofill fixes.
  • Fixed: Errant logouts do to unknown identity selected.
  • Fixed: Autofill for basic auth sites.
  • Improved: Support for Security Challenge enhancements.
  • New: Note history for sites.

v3.11 - May 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • Fixed: Prevent text on 'Did you Know' notification from overlaying buttons.
  • Fixed: Secure notes were not properly saved if interface was non-English.
  • Fixed: Show correct secure note if selected from quick search.
  • Fixed: Secure notes now accepts all character sets.
  • Fixed: Security challenge score incorrectly identified vulnerable sites.
  • Improved: Interface for attachments that have not been downloaded yet.

v3.2.4/3.2.5 - May 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Now supports new login form on
  • Fixed: Prevent truncated popup menu.
  • Fixed: Scrolling in menu when use keyboard navigation.
  • Improved: Keyboard navigation in save site popup.
  • Improved: Filling on
  • Improved: Vault renders faster.
  • Improved: Hide Share option if enterprise policy disallows.

v3.10 - April 29th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Security Challenge redesign.
  • New: Sites/Notes/Form Fills now support a view mode.
  • New: Right click menu in vault.
  • Improved: A large number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Improved: Fixed memory leak.
  • Improved: Faster vault loading for large data sets.

v3.1.95 - April 24nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Font used in firefox password field to help distinguish ambigious characters.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Improved: Fix radio buttons honoring setting to not overwrite fields already filled.
  • Improved: Retain last window location for LastPass for Applications.
  • Fixed: Prevent invalid error when moving sites into a shared folder.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.
  • Fixed: Renaming subfolder of shared folder.
  • Fixed: Incorrect defaulting to en-AU language settings in IE.
  • Fixed: Better synchronization of login state across IE tabs.

v3.2.0/3.2.1 - April 20th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Handling of 3 field login forms.
  • Improved: Detection of password changes, less false positives.
  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Fixed: Prevent refresh of domains when logged out.
  • Fixed: Show rename popup only once.
  • Fixed: Require Multifactor policy for lesser used multifactor options.
  • Fixed: Show attachment menu sometimes not shown.
  • Fixed: Filter formfills if using an identity.
  • Fixed: Bulk delete of sites by selecting many in vault using ctrl/shift.
  • Fixed: Open site in current tab if on chrome: url.

v3.1.96/3.1.97 - March 25th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Auto Password Change support for sites with captchas.
  • Fixed: Field value encoding bug.

v3.1.94/3.1.95 - March 23rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Filling for difficult sites like,, and
  • Improved: Better support for keyboard navigation in menu.
  • Fixed: Attachment saving on Mac (must also reinstall helper app).
  • Fixed: Memory leak on pages that rapidly dynamically adds and removes inputs.
  • Fixed: Delete field values for certain input names.
  • Fixed: Prevent field icons from showing in non-relevant inputs.

v3.0.0.88 - March 18th 2015 -- Windows Metro App

  • Fixed: Issue where logging out on idle timeout could prevent re-login.

v3.9 - March 17th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Attachments can be added to and downloaded from Secure Notes.
  • New: Add Folder option now available in Add menu.
  • New: If you quit the app without logging out, LastPass will attempt to restore your session automatically and will display an animated logging in screen.
  • New: Mark a Secure Note as a Favorite.
  • Improved: Identities menu is now shown as a collapsible list.
  • Improved: A number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Fixed: Prevent duplicate 'Did you Know?' messages from showing in vault.
  • Fixed: Command+c copying feature improved to only copy highlighted text.
  • Fixed: Sizing of the custom Secure Note pane.

v3.1.92 - March 2nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Local vault UI/UX cleanup in IE.
  • New: Display attachment names.
  • New: Stability improvements.
  • New: Improved getting started screen.
  • New: Option to control matching sites badge number in Firefox.
  • Improved: Obscure passwords in secure note templates in IE.
  • Improved: Memory impact when navigating browser significantly better.
  • Improved: Never URL handling of sites with frames.
  • Fixed: Filling on,
  • Fixed: Rename and delete of subfolders in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Respect never autofill setting for basic auth sites.
  • Fixed: Prevent logout in Firefox during login if reusing master password.
  • Fixed: Delete formfill in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.

v3.8 - February 25th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Switching Identities supported in vault.
  • New: If a secure note doesn't have a password field, use Cmd+C to copy the note.
  • New: Sites and Secure Notes can be moved into Shared Folders.
  • New: Warning that using multifactor authentication without disabling offline access may leave data accessible when logged in offline.
  • Improved: Shared login state, particularly when disable offline is set.
  • Fixed: Password fields in Secure Notes are now hidden by default and can be toggled to be visible.
  • Fixed: Logo cut off on retina displays.
  • Fixed: Set country code in phone input when country was set.
  • Fixed: Edge case where Mac App vault would still pop open if logged into browser.
  • Fixed: Crash when saving a site on Mac OSX 10.8.

v3.1.90/3.1.91 - February 9th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Detect if CSP blocks our field icon popup.
  • Improved: Field icon popup placement on sites with framesets.
  • Fixed: launch site edge cases.
  • Fixed: saving and filling on
  • Fixed: Prevent rendering anomalies on certain sites.

v3.7 - February 6th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Continue to show folders when search.
  • New: Support for disable trust enterprise override.
  • New: Local data is now doubly encrypted when using Yubikey and Sesame.
  • Improved: Some performance enhancements.
  • Fixed: Preferences dialog doesn't erroneously warn while saving.

v3.6 - January 28th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Dock icon is no longer visible unless the vault window is open.
  • New: Added support to copy a password with the Command + C hotkey.
  • New: Added support for Grid multifactor authentication.
  • New: Support Enterprise policy overrides for logout options and remember password.
  • Improved: vertical resizing.
  • Improved: Changed multifactor authentication input to a secure text field.
  • Fixed: Issue causing the vault to pop up if logging in from the browser.
  • Fixed: “Add” button now supported when in edit mode.
  • Fixed: Editing Form Fill credit card profiles.
  • Fixed: Editing non-English Form Fill profiles.
  • Fixed: Trusted device status for multifactor authentication to show Mac App.

v3.1.88/3.1.89 - January 16th 2015 -- Safari/Chrome

  • New: Show button to automatically change password for weak/duplicate sites.
  • New: Automatically change password for sites in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Password reprompt loop issue.
  • Fixed: Edit password protected applications.