Directory Integration.

Leverage existing systems by integrating with Active Directory, LDAP, and custom APIs.
Extend Your Directory.
Our lightweight AD client allows you to automatically feed relevant information about your users directly to LastPass.

Automate LastPass with AD

LastPass integrates with Active Directory to automate account provisioning, deprovisioning, and policy management.

Maintain One Data Set

Only maintain one set of users with a one-way, authoritative source of data that syncs in real-time and cannot be manipulated by LastPass.

API Provisioning

Large organizations benefit from flexible, customized API integration that scales with your unique needs.

Streamline User Management.
Reduce the time it takes to onboard new users and secure company systems when an employee leaves.

Centralize Provisioning

Provision user accounts instantly, and give immediate access as new tools are added.

Automate with Groups

Apply permissions to users and grant shared access utilizingexisting directory groups.

One-Click Deprovisioning

Revoke access to user accounts to minimize risks when employees leave the company.

Simplify with Active Directory.
Easy configuration and real-time sync provides IT with more efficient user management and better protection from rogue employees.

Rapid Setup

Install and configure the LastPass AD client in minutes. Leverage your existing systems to push out all users, with minimal additional software.

Easy Configuration

Sync only relevant user groups for policy designations, Shared Folders, and SAML application assignments.

Real-Time Sync

As you maintain Active Directory, LastPass reflects on-the-spot changes to user accounts when they’re added, disabled, and deleted.


Password Management