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LastPass Enterprise combines robust password vaulting with cloud SSO capabilities to give businesses the tools they need to protect company data, manage a meaningful password policy, and optimize team productivity. Both employees and management will agree that LastPass Enterprise tackles complex problems with features that are easy-to-use and quick to deploy.


Thwart Phishing Attacks

With an ever-increasing number of online breaches, compromised passwords are seemingly inevitable. Using unique, strong passwords at every site ensures that today's small incident for one employee doesn't turn into tomorrow's headline for your business.

LastPass automates logins with stored credentials. Sites posing as others will not match stored records, and will not be auto-filled.

Generating Secure Passwords

Since they only have one master password to remember, employees can use the Password Generator for every account they access. As they register for new services or update passwords for existing ones, employees can generate a long, complex, and utterly forgettable password that LastPass saves and fills with the click of a button.

Set company-wide password standards for both the master password and for individual sites that are particularly sensitive.

Add Multifactor Authentication

In today's world of BYOD and virtual freedom, there is an entirely new set of security challenges for IT administrators. Ensuring the protection of company LastPass accounts does not have to be one of them.

Double-protect your LastPass accounts by adding simple and effective multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication adds another layer of security without taxing your employees.

Automated Breach Alerts

Be the first to know when other sites and services are hacked. Enterprise employees receive alerts as they happen, so you have peace of mind knowing that should an employee be affected you will have the opportunity to take immediate action to replace passwords and monitor accounts, before the damage can be done.

Linked Accounts

Merge company and personal data, without the fear that an employee will lose their personal data when they leave the company. By linking a personal account to their Enterprise account, employees can securely access what they need from both. Policies and restrictions will not apply to the personal data, but company data will remain locked down.

Security Scores

See a simple, automated report of the "average" security score for the company and for each employee. Use individual results to help identify employees with subpar passwords. Demonstrate the impact of LastPass as your scores increase over time.


Configurable Policies

Utilize over 50 policies to help you establish a customized security environment. Set master password requirements, restrict access to specific devices and locations, mandate use of features, and more. Create inclusive and exclusive groups of employees to apply policies and restrictions.

AD/LDAP and API Integration

LastPass Enterprise integrates with your existing directory environment. New and departing users are automatically provisioned and rescinded with no human touch required. Also bring existing AD groups into LastPass to automatically apply policies.

Preload Vault

Give employees the accounts they need to get started, so when they login for the first time their vault is pre-populated with their accounts.

Shared Folders

Logins and notes can be easily shared across functional teams and between individuals. Changes in the folders are synced automatically across all users who have access to that folder. Customize permissions to hide passwords on a folder-by-folder or employee-by-employee basis.

Onboard and Offboard

Easily add and remove employees to LastPass Enterprise and assign them to the tools and logins they need in minutes. Disabling or deleting an employee's account helps ensure they no longer have access to sensitive data, protecting your company from rogue employees.


See a summary of user statuses with regards to use of LastPass Enterprise features. Automated alerts help you notify users who are not utilizing LastPass enough, or who are not following security protocol. Educate users in the importance of good password hygiene, and how to get there, with easy-to-use templates that let you determine how often notifications should be sent.


Use automated reporting to build compliance and safeguard your data. Track every login and update, and tie it to a specific employee. View Shared Folder changes and the access rights of individual employees. Review administrator actions for complete accountability.



Eliminate the need for your employees to type - and recall - any of their logins. LastPass saves and fills the data as they go, increasing their productivity by logging them in faster. Calculate Your ROI

One Master Password

Give employees what they really want - only one password to remember. After they create a master password that meets the requirements set by the LastPass Enterprise administrator, they don't have to worry about any other passwords.

Real-time Sync

Employees will have access to the same set of data across all browsers, computers, and mobile devices that they are already using (even in a BYOD environment). Changes are kept in sync automatically, so they always have access to the most up-to-date data - including any updates to shared accounts.

Reduce Helpdesk Burden

With LastPass Enterprise, your employees no longer need to call the help desk or hit the password reset button. LastPass stores and remembers all their data for them, and keeps teams up-to-date on latest changes. Calculate Your ROI

LastPass Enterprise Logo LastPass Enterprise protects company assets while making employees’ jobs easier, all in a convenient, clean, customizable package. Get started today and start managing your organization with ease.

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