14 - Day Free Enterprise Trial

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Per User Licensing

1-100 $24/user/year
101-1000 $20/user/year
1001-5000+ $18/user/year
  • 14-Day trial up to 10 users
  • Online toolkit with implementation and educational resources
  • Extensive training materials, video guides, and online support
  • Standard Terms of Service and Privacy Statement
  • Purchase via credit card
  • Purchase orders only accepted for 100+ seats

Site Licensing

Best for larger organizations requiring
custom terms and conditions
  • Flat annual fee
  • Pre-sales support and dedicated representative
  • Custom Terms and Conditions
  • Custom evaluation period
  • Custom security deliverables
  • Account manager for implementation and management
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Free Premium Enterprise
Unlimited storage for passwords & notes
Get started on any desktop, smartphone, or tablet
Automated filling of logins & forms
Audit passwords with Security Challenge
Multifactor authentication & One Time Passwords
Unlimited sync across all mobile & desktop devices
Additional multifactor authentication options
Shared Folders with customized permissions 1 Folder
Up to 5 Users
Centralized Administrator's Console
Single Sign-On
Directory integration & automated provisioning
Security policies & reporting