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We’ve partnered with other leading security service providers in order to bring the best technology to our customers. With more security-focused features and multifactor authentication options than any other password manager on the market, we’re committed to providing tools and features to help our customers better protect their assets.


LastPass has partnered with Yubico to offer a LastPass Enterprise + YubiKey bundle, available on the Yubico web store. The LastPass Enterprise and YubiKey bundle offers companies a secure solution to easily manage and control acess to their teams’ passwords. The YubiKey USB authentication key simplifies the process of logging in with a One-Time Password (OTP) token. Instead of manually typing long passcodes from a display device, users simply push a button to enter the strong passcode. The practically indestructible device fits easily on a keychain and works on all computers and platforms, without the need for client software. More than a million users in 100 countries rely on the YubiKey two-factor authentication, enabling instant and secure access to computers, networks and cloud applications.Visit Partner Website

Duo Security

LastPass has partnered with Duo Security to provide enterprise two-factor authentication to its customers. Duo Security is the world’s leading cloud two-factor authentication service. Duo enables organizations to protect their logins in as little as 15 minutes. Thousands of organizations rely upon Duo Security to protect their networks, services, and applications. With LastPass's built-in support for Duo Security you'll quickly be able to get it up and running. Then your users will be able to enroll and authenticate securely with their smartphone, landline, or even tokens. Learn more and create a free account.Visit Partner Website


LastPass is a certified RSA Ready Technology Partner and supports RSA SecurID as a second factor of authentication. RSA's certification program assures customers that the solutions they are deploying have been tested interoperable with industry leading products, helping them achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership. The integration is validated in the RSA labs by the RSA Partner Engineering team. Visit Partner Website


LastPass and PwnedList have partnered to provide PwnedList’s credential monitoring to all LastPass end users. LastPass was the first customer for the PwnedList End User Protection Service, a service that provides the PwnedList database of stolen credentials to end user service providers, allowing service providers to identify which of their end users face a high risk of account hijacking and other fraud. By identifying high risk end users, service providers are able to put additional security in place to block account hijacking attempts and other fraudulent activities.Visit Partner Website


Entersekt is an innovative pioneer in transaction authentication. The company’s one-of-a-kind approach harnesses the power of electronic certificate technology (PKI) with the convenience of mobile phones to provide financial institutions and their customers with full protection from online banking fraud. LastPass has partnered with Entersekt to offer their Transakt mobile app as another multifactor authentication option. With the ever-increasing number of online and mobile accounts among today's consumers, attacks are at an all-time high as advanced technology capabilities are used to steal valuable information and personal data. Transakt protects you against threats such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, man-in the-browser, and replay attacks. It’s free to install and easy to configure for use with LastPass.Visit Partner Website


SecureAuth has partnered with LastPass to provide strong, adaptive authentication to LastPass enterprise customers. SecureAuth delivers innovative access control solutions for cloud, mobile, web and VPN systems to millions of users worldwide. SecureAuth IdP's unique architecture enables any enterprise to become an identity provider capable of enforcing two-factor authentication, adaptive authentication and single sign-on in a single, cost-effective solution. SecureAuth is available for LastPass Enterprise accounts.Visit Partner Website

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