Universal Password Management.

Seamless form-based authentication for the thousands of apps and sites that don't support federation.
Unified Employee Portal.
Each employee has a secure vault that gives them one-click access to every password, website, and app they use.

One Master Password

Give users what they truly want: one password to remember that unlocks access to the rest of their websites and apps.

Convenient Access

Whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, their account is backed up and synced where they need it.

Usable Security

Security policies and multifactor authentication lock down sensitive data to authorized employees only.

Preload Sites

Pre-populate employee vaults, so they have apps and websites when they login for the first time.

Autofill Every Login.
With LastPass, employees can easily save and fill every website login, not just those with federated access.

Automate Passwords

Employees won't have to type or recall any of their passwords. LastPass saves and fills their logins as they work.

Boost Productivity

LastPass logs employees in faster, and they'll never be slowed down by a forgotten password again.

Unlimited Accounts

Whether the team uses 3 WordPress logins or 20 Twitter accounts, save unlimited logins for websites and easily switch between them.

Flexible Sharing

Conveniently authorize access to accounts for users inside and outside the organization, without revealing passwords.

Strong Passwords Made Possible.
Empower your users and your IT team with simple tools that support a strong password policy.

Password Generator

Whether registering for new services or updating accounts, it’s simple and convenient to create a strong, unique password for every login. Plus, employees can easily meet every website’s password requirements.

Instant Password Reset

When employees leave or vendors have security incidents, LastPass streamlines syncing password changes, without interrupting employees. Change passwords in real-time to mitigate risk of breach.

Set a Meaningful Password Policy

Your company spends time, money, and resources on improving security. Make sure weak passwords don't undermine those efforts. LastPass is the most efficient way to monitor and improve the organization's password strength.

Separate Work & Personal

With optional Linked Accounts, employees no longer have to switch between work and personal. Give secure access to both. Personal passwords remain hidden and private, while company information stays locked down.

Availability Everywhere.
Today’s mobile workforce demands seamless access from every desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

True BYOD Support

The same LastPass account gives users access from any device, and changes sync everywhere.

Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

Employees can access what they need when they're on the go with apps for Android, iOS, and more.

Enforce Mobile Policies

Mitigate risks without slowing down users, with mobile security options that lock down their devices.

Fill Mobile Logins

Automated app fill on mobile devices removes the hassle of typing on small mobile keyboards.

More Enterprise Features At A Glance.
Everything you need to protect company assets and simplify the day-to-day workflow for employees.

Secure Notes

Store software license keys, WiFi logins, and any important data.

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect user accounts, with over 15 vendor options to choose from.

Form Fill Profiles

Create address and payment profiles for easy checkout or signup.

Instant Search

Easily find any site or app stored in the vault.

Security Scores

Review reports of employee and company performance.

Breach Alerts

Be the first to know with automated security and breach alerts.

Auto-Password Change

Automatically replace passwords, in one click, on 75 sites and counting.

17 Languages

Natively translated for employees and clients from around the world.

Secure Sharing

Provide access to shared accounts, without losing accountability.