Centralize User Management.

LastPass Enterprise offers the centralized oversight needed to control access at every level, from one secure place.
Unified Admin Console.
Policies, reporting, user provisioning, and directory integration in a single admin portal.

The Control IT Needs

Whether there is one admin or many, the admin console allows for central deployment and management of all user accounts.

Automate User Management

Quickly onboard new employees and provision access to all their apps and sites so they’re up and running in minutes, not days.

Preload Employee Vaults

Give employees the accounts they need to get started, so they have the logins they need when they use LastPass for the first time.

Manage Licenses & Billing

Instantly review user accounts and license utilization, and easily add prorated licenses throughout the year as your team grows.

Compliance Reporting.
Give administrators the detailed reporting data and audit logs they need to track employee logins and historical access for compliance.

Tie Actions to Users

Detailed reporting logs track usage and updates to company accounts, so admins can maintain accountability and compliance.

Identify Problem Employees

Understand employee usage of the service and identify employees that are putting the organization at risk.

Automated Security Scores

Review the company’s average security score, and every employee’s score, too. Identify subpar performance and track changes over time.

Drive Adoption & Improvements

Utilize automated notifications that alert users in order to drive behavior changes and increase adoption of LastPass features.

Customize Security, Intelligently.
Over 50 configurable security and access policies that are adaptable for each company’s unique environment and security standards.

Enforce Meaningful Password Policies

Set master password requirements, restrict access to specific devices and locations, mandate use of features, and more.

Set Inclusive & Exclusive Groups

Apply role-based policies and restrictions, and leverage your existing directory groups.

Add Two-Factor Authentication

Secure LastPass accounts by requiring a second login step before authorizing a user.


Enterprise Features