The best way to manage passwords.

Just remember your master password and LastPass does the work of remembering the rest.
Never forget a password.
Save your passwords and keep everything organized in your LastPass vault.

Store passwords in a secure vault

All of your passwords and notes are stored safely in a vault. Easy-to-use, searchable, and organized the way you like.

Autofill every password

Save passwords as you browse, and LastPass will autofill the login for you next time you sign into that account.

One account or many

Have multiple Gmail accounts? 12 WordPress logins? Save unlimited logins for websites, and easily switch between them.

Convenient access

Get started on any device, free. Your LastPass vault is backed up and synced automatically where you need it.

Better passwords, better security.
LastPass has the tools to help you follow best security practices, with a unique, strong password for every account.

Generate random passwords

The built-in password generator will create long, randomized passwords that protect you from being hacked.

New account, new password

Don’t waste time creating a new password when registering on a website. LastPass does it for you and remembers it for later.

Audit your passwords

Use the LastPass Security Challenge to find weak, duplicate, old, and vulnerable passwords that are lurking in your vault.

Auto-change passwords

Hate changing passwords? LastPass can do it for you, in one click! Stronger passwords, without the hassle.

Manage more than passwords.
LastPass does more than remember your passwords. Keep track of other important information & simplify your online life.

Keep digital records with secure notes

Store insurance cards, memberships, prescriptions, WiFi logins and more, so your information is backed up and encrypted.

Profiles for online shopping

Create a profile for every credit card and address, so making a purchase is just a few clicks - no typing required.

Share passwords, securely

Pay bills with a spouse? Send encrypted passwords to others, easily sync changes & remove access when they're done.

The browser of your choice.
Your passwords are always there, with extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera, on every major platform.
Take passwords on the go.
You need secure access to your passwords, wherever you are.

Apps for smartphones & tablets

Download our apps from the stores on your devices and login with the same LastPass account to sync your data.

App fill

Automated app fill on mobile devices removes the hassle of typing on small mobile keyboards.

Fingerprint support

Swipe into the LastPass app with your fingerprint for easy, secure access to your passwords.

Two-factor authentication.
Add another layer of protection to your LastPass account by requiring a second login step. Bad guys can't get into your vault without your two-factor authentication. Google Authenticator, Duo Security, YubiKey - we support all major vendors so you can find the one that works for you.
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Trusted. Reliable. Secure.
We know that when it comes to passwords, security is critical. We use local-only encryption with the strongest technology available to safeguard your data.

Local-only encryption

User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Your master password and the passwords in your vault are kept secret, even from LastPass.

Leading encryption algorithms

We use the best: AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud.

Offline access

Your LastPass vault is available offline via the extension or the apps, so you can access your passwords without an internet connection.

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