Gmail account credentials have been leaked!

It has been reported that a collection of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords have been leaked. This collection was created by sifting through other less known leaks.

Was My Gmail Account Hacked?

If you would like to find out if your Gmail account was one of the 5 million that were leaked, you can use the below tool:

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If you have ever used Gmail, we strongly suggest that you immediately:

  1. Enter your Gmail account email address below to find out if your personal information was leaked. The LastPass security challenge can assist you in determining if any of your other accounts used the same credentials.
  2. If you are present on this list, use this link to change your Gmail password.
  3. Check if you have re-used your Gmail password or username on any other websites and if so, change those passwords as well. This is a good practice whether your account has been leaked or not

Why Should I Use This Tool?

The above tool asks you to enter the email address you use to log into your Gmail account, then searches a leaked list of over 5 million collected Gmail account credentials. The list includes email addresses and plaintext passwords. This is done over a secure connection to protect you, and LastPass is not keeping any information on people who utilize this tool.
If your email address is in the list then we will warn you and provide you with a link to Gmail change your password.

So what should I do now?

After you've updated your Gmail password, start better managing your online life with LastPass. LastPass will help you store all of your usernames and passwords in one secure, central location. You can update old passwords with randomly generated ones, and let LastPass do the work of remembering them and filling them for you. You can download LastPass here. It's a free tool that will help you with password security. You can't go wrong with LastPass, it's the highest rated password manager, and the most used password management tool in the world.

Do you also have a LinkedIn, eHarmony, Adobe, or account?

All of these services were also compromised, you can check them too.
See if your LinkedIn password was compromised.
See if your password was compromised.
See if your Adobe password was compromised.
See if your eHarmony password was compromised.