Every Login, Managed.

The access solution with the security an enterprise needs and the convenience users expect.

“LastPass has helped us significantly improve password management. And better password security certainly contributes to our overall corporate security posture. LastPass Enterprise just makes it so much easier to have—and maintain—secure practices.”

Homer Bartlett, Director of Internal Resources, MailChimp

18,000 Businesses Trust LastPass.
Companies of every size, from startups to Fortune 500s, have increased productivity and secured their systems with LastPass Enterprise.

We use LastPass to manage passwords for everything from internal servers and devices to SaaS applications. I sleep better knowing we are granting access without disclosing login credentials.

LastPass is a great product with reasonable Total Cost of Ownership. We appreciate how easy it has been to deploy to over 100 users. I especially value the flexible administrative capabilities.

LastPass helps us achieve “password security utopia” – unique, strong passwords with no need to memorize them. Our team’s happy they only have to worry about the one master password. SSO is the icing on the cake!

The Chaos of the Cloud, Controlled.
LastPass Enterprise has the tools your entire organization needs to manage access, increase efficiency, and mitigate the risk of breach.
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Single Sign-On for cloud based apps, and one portal for employee access.
Each employee has a secure vault for managing and accessing every password.
Real-time sync for desktop, laptop, mobile or web, and truly adaptable for BYOD.
Manage shared access to apps and web logins with customized permissions.
A unified admin console with automated user management and compliance reporting.
Integrate with Active Directory and LDAP to apply policies and provision users.
Trusted. Secure. Reliable.
Government-grade encryption, customized security, and multifactor authentication for the entire organization. Learn More