Password security is too important

When passwords cause 81% of breaches, failing to protect them could be a costly mistake.
Security starts with the basics
When every password is an entry point for hackers, securing them has to be security priority number one.

Give IT control

Without IT visibility and oversight, password behavior won't change.

Make it easy for employees

Remove password obstacles with an easy-to-adopt, easy-to-use solution.

Go beyond password storage

Businesses need actionable insights – and powerful technology to change behaviors.

“The usage of LastPass throughout the organization has given me more confidence as the security officer of the company that our employees are doing the right things when it comes to password management.”

Dan Wadsworth, Chief Information Security Officer at

Poor passwords are an urgent problem
Passwords are a low-barrier, high-value target for hackers looking to get in.

Remove the employee burden

The average employee has 213 logins, so it's no wonder they reuse passwords.

Protect against breach

When every password is strong and unique, businesses can reduce the threat of breaches.

Build a better business

Cloud apps are no longer a threat but an opportunity to build faster, create better, and achieve more.

Employees want a solution
69% of employees want IT to provide them with a solution to their password problems.
Reduce costs
Employees are suffering from password-related inefficiencies, which translate directly to a company's bottom line.
Number of employees using LastPass Employees
Average logins/employee/month* 220 Logins
Average time/login (seconds)* 15 Seconds
Average time spent per employee per month on logins (hours) .91667 Hours
LastPass Price Per User Price Per User
Hourly wage per employee (input your average) USD Per Hours
Annual time value spent on logins USD Per Year
LastPass annual investment USD Per Year
Annual recurring ROI USD Per Year
Days to break even Days

*Calculator based on average pulled from aggregate data from 5,000 LastPass Enterprise clients.
Average employee logins per day: 11. Average seconds per login: 15