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LastPass Brand Assets

Follow our guidelines here for using the LastPass logo and brand.
Download the items you need in the individual links below.

LastPass Colors

LastPass Red
RGB: 211, 45, 39
CMYK: 11, 96, 100, 2
LastPass Dark Red
RGB: 175, 8, 6
CMYK: 21, 100, 100, 15
Cool Grey
Cool Grey Dark

The LastPass Logo

LastPass Flat

For general, everyday use.


For use on dark backgrounds.


For use in rare occasions.

Enterprise Flat

For general, everyday use.


For use on dark backgrounds.


For use in rare occasions.

Product Screenshots

Available for use by the media and bloggers, or for instructional purposes, in accordance with our guidelines.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Naming Conventions

The "L" and "P" are always capitalized, with no space in-between.





Last pass

last pass

last Pass

Last Pass


Use of Brand Materials

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