Recent changes to LastPass:

v3.2.40/3.2.41 - Oct 26th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Trusted computers expire after 30 days, you will be prompted for multifactor to re-trust.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon was difficult to click on certain sites.
  • Fixed: Improved session handling when logging into both extension and web vault.
  • Improved: Faster security challenge calculations.

v3.2.28/3.2.29 - Sept 3rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: More accurate filling for sites with blank field values.
  • Fixed: Reduce CPU usage on sites with many inputs and divs.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon left justified on page.
  • Fixed: Freeze on some flash sites when adblock was installed in addition to LastPass.

v3.2.26/3.2.27 - Aug 27th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Include FormFill profiles in the menu search.
  • Improved: Better support for right to left languages.
  • Fixed: Prevent incorrect breach notifications for newly added sites.
  • Fixed: More accurate filling for Bank of America, Trello, etc.

v3.2.24/3.2.25 - Aug 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Better workflow for password change/linked accounts.
  • Improved: Provide way to permanently dismiss menu item highlighting premium/enterprise options.
  • Fixed: Removed console log debug statement.

v3.2.20/3.2.21 - Aug 6th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Better filling for username on sites with 2 page logins.
  • Improved: Use better font for password fields to make it easier to distinguish ambiguous characters.
  • Fixed: Master Passsword reporting to the enterprise console is more accurate.
  • Fixed: Attachments can be immediately accessible after adding.
  • Fixed: Server, Data, Email notes moved into Shared Folders now support copy password.
  • Fixed: Prevent javascript from being injected into WYSIWYG applications.

v3.2.16 - Jul 28th 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Secure note history support in IE.
  • New: Support enterprise policy to send extra data on password change to provide more logging for administrator.
  • Improved: Add support for new mobile model.
  • Improved: Support tabbing in IE popup window.
  • Improved: On-demand downloading of secure note attachments.
  • Improved: Better filling on fidelity.com.
  • Fixed: Allow manually added sites to work on sites using basic authentication.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.

v3.2.16/3.2.17 - July 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Support for new global TLDs recently added by ICANN.
  • Fixed: Field icon popup reduced DOM element creation/destruction.
  • Fixed: URL parsing issue.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change using namespace

v3.2.14/3.2.15 - July 10th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Better add site wizard.
  • Improved: Make password hint optional when creating an account.
  • Fixed: Prevent overwriting of field value if manually overridden.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change for google.com.

v3.12 - June 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: If you want to sign out automatically when you quit the LastPass app, select the new logout on exit option in the preferences menu.
  • New: Edit option now available when you right-click on a site entry, so you can avoid the View screen.
  • Improved: Syncing updates and refreshing your vault more frequently and reliably, with a new background request to automatically check for updates.
  • Fixed: Offline mode is available again, so you can access data via the app with no Internet connection or when servers are down.

v3.2.10/3.2.11 - June 8th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Safari not opening local vault pages if on Top Sites page.
  • Fixed: Save attachment now downloads data if not local.
  • Fixed: Prevent users from trying to create shared folders in site edit screen.
  • Fixed: Prevent unnecessary server request to calculate security score.
  • Improved: Better handling of popup on sites that use CSP.

v3.2.6/3.2.7 - May 21th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Fidelity.com autofill fixes.
  • Fixed: Errant logouts do to unknown identity selected.
  • Fixed: Autofill for basic auth sites.
  • Improved: Support for Security Challenge enhancements.
  • New: Note history for sites.

v3.11 - May 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • Fixed: Prevent text on 'Did you Know' notification from overlaying buttons.
  • Fixed: Secure notes were not properly saved if interface was non-English.
  • Fixed: Show correct secure note if selected from quick search.
  • Fixed: Secure notes now accepts all character sets.
  • Fixed: Security challenge score incorrectly identified vulnerable sites.
  • Improved: Interface for attachments that have not been downloaded yet.

v3.2.4/3.2.5 - May 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Now supports new login form on Google.com.
  • Fixed: Prevent truncated popup menu.
  • Fixed: Scrolling in menu when use keyboard navigation.
  • Improved: Keyboard navigation in save site popup.
  • Improved: Filling on aa.com.
  • Improved: Vault renders faster.
  • Improved: Hide Share option if enterprise policy disallows.

v3.10 - April 29th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Security Challenge redesign.
  • New: Sites/Notes/Form Fills now support a view mode.
  • New: Right click menu in vault.
  • Improved: A large number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Improved: Fixed memory leak.
  • Improved: Faster vault loading for large data sets.

v3.1.95 - April 24nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Font used in firefox password field to help distinguish ambigious characters.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Improved: Fix radio buttons honoring setting to not overwrite fields already filled.
  • Improved: Retain last window location for LastPass for Applications.
  • Fixed: Prevent invalid error when moving sites into a shared folder.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.
  • Fixed: Renaming subfolder of shared folder.
  • Fixed: Incorrect defaulting to en-AU language settings in IE.
  • Fixed: Better synchronization of login state across IE tabs.

v3.2.0/3.2.1 - April 20th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Handling of 3 field login forms.
  • Improved: Detection of password changes, less false positives.
  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Fixed: Prevent refresh of non-LastPass.com domains when logged out.
  • Fixed: Show rename popup only once.
  • Fixed: Require Multifactor policy for lesser used multifactor options.
  • Fixed: Show attachment menu sometimes not shown.
  • Fixed: Filter formfills if using an identity.
  • Fixed: Bulk delete of sites by selecting many in vault using ctrl/shift.
  • Fixed: Open site in current tab if on chrome: url.

v3.1.96/3.1.97 - March 25th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Auto Password Change support for sites with captchas.
  • Fixed: Field value encoding bug.

v3.1.94/3.1.95 - March 23rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Filling for difficult sites like capitalone.com, webex.com, fidelity.com and citibank.com.
  • Improved: Better support for keyboard navigation in menu.
  • Fixed: Attachment saving on Mac (must also reinstall helper app).
  • Fixed: Memory leak on pages that rapidly dynamically adds and removes inputs.
  • Fixed: Delete field values for certain input names.
  • Fixed: Prevent field icons from showing in non-relevant inputs.

v3.0.0.88 - March 18th 2015 -- Windows Metro App

  • Fixed: Issue where logging out on idle timeout could prevent re-login.

v3.9 - March 17th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Attachments can be added to and downloaded from Secure Notes.
  • New: Add Folder option now available in Add menu.
  • New: If you quit the app without logging out, LastPass will attempt to restore your session automatically and will display an animated logging in screen.
  • New: Mark a Secure Note as a Favorite.
  • Improved: Identities menu is now shown as a collapsible list.
  • Improved: A number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Fixed: Prevent duplicate 'Did you Know?' messages from showing in vault.
  • Fixed: Command+c copying feature improved to only copy highlighted text.
  • Fixed: Sizing of the custom Secure Note pane.

v3.1.92 - March 2nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Local vault UI/UX cleanup in IE.
  • New: Display attachment names.
  • New: Stability improvements.
  • New: Improved getting started screen.
  • New: Option to control matching sites badge number in Firefox.
  • Improved: Obscure passwords in secure note templates in IE.
  • Improved: Memory impact when navigating browser significantly better.
  • Improved: Never URL handling of sites with frames.
  • Fixed: Filling on webex.com, streetscape.com
  • Fixed: Rename and delete of subfolders in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Respect never autofill setting for basic auth sites.
  • Fixed: Prevent logout in Firefox during login if reusing master password.
  • Fixed: Delete formfill in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.

v3.8 - February 25th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Switching Identities supported in vault.
  • New: If a secure note doesn't have a password field, use Cmd+C to copy the note.
  • New: Sites and Secure Notes can be moved into Shared Folders.
  • New: Warning that using multifactor authentication without disabling offline access may leave data accessible when logged in offline.
  • Improved: Shared login state, particularly when disable offline is set.
  • Fixed: Password fields in Secure Notes are now hidden by default and can be toggled to be visible.
  • Fixed: Logo cut off on retina displays.
  • Fixed: Set country code in phone input when country was set.
  • Fixed: Edge case where Mac App vault would still pop open if logged into browser.
  • Fixed: Crash when saving a site on Mac OSX 10.8.

v3.1.90/3.1.91 - February 9th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Detect if CSP blocks our field icon popup.
  • Improved: Field icon popup placement on sites with framesets.
  • Fixed: launch site edge cases.
  • Fixed: saving and filling on streetscape.com.
  • Fixed: Prevent rendering anomalies on certain sites.

v3.7 - February 6th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Continue to show folders when search.
  • New: Support for disable trust enterprise override.
  • New: Local data is now doubly encrypted when using Yubikey and Sesame.
  • Improved: Some performance enhancements.
  • Fixed: Preferences dialog doesn't erroneously warn while saving.

v3.6 - January 28th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Dock icon is no longer visible unless the vault window is open.
  • New: Added support to copy a password with the Command + C hotkey.
  • New: Added support for Grid multifactor authentication.
  • New: Support Enterprise policy overrides for logout options and remember password.
  • Improved: vertical resizing.
  • Improved: Changed multifactor authentication input to a secure text field.
  • Fixed: Issue causing the vault to pop up if logging in from the browser.
  • Fixed: “Add” button now supported when in edit mode.
  • Fixed: Editing Form Fill credit card profiles.
  • Fixed: Editing non-English Form Fill profiles.
  • Fixed: Trusted device status for multifactor authentication to show Mac App.

v3.1.88/3.1.89 - January 16th 2015 -- Safari/Chrome

  • New: Show button to automatically change password for weak/duplicate sites.
  • New: Automatically change password for sites in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Password reprompt loop issue.
  • Fixed: Edit password protected applications.