Recent changes to LastPass:

v4.1.9 - May 10th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Reduced memory usage in icon processing.
  • Improved: Show a more detailed credit card summary on form fills in the vault.
  • Improved: Stronger password hint validation.
  • Improved: Made site replacement dialog more accessible.

v4.1.7 - Apr 25th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Apply permissions to others in shared folder was incorrectly assigning to all users.
  • Fixed: Idle logout preferences change do not require a browser restart.
  • Fixed: Login dialog was not closing when opened as a tab.
  • Fixed: Convert an existing folder to shared folder now also assigns to SuperAdmin, if policy exists.

v4.1.4 - Apr 1st 2016 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Slight change to default LastPass icon. Now easier to see!
  • New: In-field generate password button when adding a new site manually.
  • New: Can clone applications.
  • Improved: Better UI performance in list view on Chrome (large number of vault entries)
  • Improved: Save folder state (open/closed) on logout.
  • Improved: Show "No search results" when nothing is returned from search.
  • Fixed: Fixed Textexpander/secure input issue globally instead of just login.
  • Fixed: Can delete credit monitoring alerts.

v4.1.5 - Mar 16th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Preferences couldn't be saved.

v4.1.4 - Mar 15th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Blank verify device popup.

v4.1.2/3 - Mar 8th 2016 -- IE/Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • Fixed: Scroll in field popup menu on some pages.
  • Fixed: Pending shares are now visible and can be accepted.
  • Fixed: Fixed several potential crashes.
  • Fixed: Hundreds of additional bug fixes for new 4.0 vault.
  • Fixed: Attachments updates.

v4.1.2 - Feb 23rd 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • Improved: Restored "Replace Site" functionality to save site dialog when opened from web site notification.
  • Improved: Don't submit save request when an item's data has not changed.
  • Fixed: Show credit monitoring terms and conditions.
  • Fixed: Removed inline-style CSP violation errors.

v4.1.0-2 - Feb 11th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • New: LastPass has a new logo. Read about it here.
  • Improved: Better support for screen readers.
  • Improved: Addition of compact view to the vault to show more items at a time. Select the magnifying glass icon for a higher-density view.
  • Improved: Faster search performance in vault and menu.
  • Fixed: Hundreds of bug fixes since the release of 4.0.0.

v4.0.0 - Jan 5th 2016 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE

  • New: LastPass 4.0 features a completely a redesigned interface in the LastPass vault, browser extension menus, and web vault. The entirely new look and feel includes bigger website icons, simpler navigation, and bolder colors.
  • New: Toggle between Grid or List view in the vault, so you can manage your data the way you want. Grid features large icon tiles for easily spotting a stored item. List view features a condensed list of items with smaller icons. Both views allow you to edit, share, add, move, and delete items, so you can choose the view you prefer.
  • New: The Sharing Center offers one convenient place to manage all the items you've shared and that others have shared with you, including Shared Folders. Available in the vault from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • New: Enable Emergency Access, so you can give trusted family or friends access to your vault in case of an unexpected emergency. Available in the vault from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • New: Multi-select in the LastPass vault, so you can check multiple items at once to move them all to a new folder, share them all, or delete them all at once.

v3.3.0/3.3.1 - Mar 8 2016 -- Firefox/Opera/Maxthon

v3.2.42 - Jan 4th 2016 -- Firefox

  • Fixed: Fixes a bug only present in Firefox 43+ that displays site names multiple times in the menu search.

v3.2.40/3.2.41 - Oct 26th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Firefox

  • New: Trusted computers expire after 30 days, you will be prompted for multifactor to re-trust.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon was difficult to click on certain sites.
  • Fixed: Improved session handling when logging into both extension and web vault.
  • Improved: Faster security challenge calculations.

v3.2.28/3.2.29 - Sept 3rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: More accurate filling for sites with blank field values.
  • Fixed: Reduce CPU usage on sites with many inputs and divs.
  • Fixed: Floating field icon left justified on page.
  • Fixed: Freeze on some flash sites when adblock was installed in addition to LastPass.

v3.2.26/3.2.27 - Aug 27th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Include FormFill profiles in the menu search.
  • Improved: Better support for right to left languages.
  • Fixed: Prevent incorrect breach notifications for newly added sites.
  • Fixed: More accurate filling for Bank of America, Trello, etc.

v3.2.24/3.2.25 - Aug 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Better workflow for password change/linked accounts.
  • Improved: Provide way to permanently dismiss menu item highlighting premium/enterprise options.
  • Fixed: Removed console log debug statement.

v3.2.20/3.2.21 - Aug 6th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Better filling for username on sites with 2 page logins.
  • Improved: Use better font for password fields to make it easier to distinguish ambiguous characters.
  • Fixed: Master Passsword reporting to the enterprise console is more accurate.
  • Fixed: Attachments can be immediately accessible after adding.
  • Fixed: Server, Data, Email notes moved into Shared Folders now support copy password.
  • Fixed: Prevent javascript from being injected into WYSIWYG applications.

v3.2.16 - Jul 28th 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Secure note history support in IE.
  • New: Support enterprise policy to send extra data on password change to provide more logging for administrator.
  • Improved: Add support for new mobile model.
  • Improved: Support tabbing in IE popup window.
  • Improved: On-demand downloading of secure note attachments.
  • Improved: Better filling on fidelity.com.
  • Fixed: Allow manually added sites to work on sites using basic authentication.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.

v3.2.16/3.2.17 - July 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari/Opera/Maxthon/Firefox

  • Improved: Support for new global TLDs recently added by ICANN.
  • Fixed: Field icon popup reduced DOM element creation/destruction.
  • Fixed: URL parsing issue.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change using namespace

v3.2.14/3.2.15 - July 10th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Better add site wizard.
  • Improved: Make password hint optional when creating an account.
  • Fixed: Prevent overwriting of field value if manually overridden.
  • Fixed: Automatic password change for google.com.

v3.12 - June 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: If you want to sign out automatically when you quit the LastPass app, select the new logout on exit option in the preferences menu.
  • New: Edit option now available when you right-click on a site entry, so you can avoid the View screen.
  • Improved: Syncing updates and refreshing your vault more frequently and reliably, with a new background request to automatically check for updates.
  • Fixed: Offline mode is available again, so you can access data via the app with no Internet connection or when servers are down.

v3.2.10/3.2.11 - June 8th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Safari not opening local vault pages if on Top Sites page.
  • Fixed: Save attachment now downloads data if not local.
  • Fixed: Prevent users from trying to create shared folders in site edit screen.
  • Fixed: Prevent unnecessary server request to calculate security score.
  • Improved: Better handling of popup on sites that use CSP.

v3.2.6/3.2.7 - May 21th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Fidelity.com autofill fixes.
  • Fixed: Errant logouts do to unknown identity selected.
  • Fixed: Autofill for basic auth sites.
  • Improved: Support for Security Challenge enhancements.
  • New: Note history for sites.

v3.11 - May 19th 2015 -- Mac App

  • Fixed: Prevent text on 'Did you Know' notification from overlaying buttons.
  • Fixed: Secure notes were not properly saved if interface was non-English.
  • Fixed: Show correct secure note if selected from quick search.
  • Fixed: Secure notes now accepts all character sets.
  • Fixed: Security challenge score incorrectly identified vulnerable sites.
  • Improved: Interface for attachments that have not been downloaded yet.

v3.2.4/3.2.5 - May 13th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Fixed: Now supports new login form on Google.com.
  • Fixed: Prevent truncated popup menu.
  • Fixed: Scrolling in menu when use keyboard navigation.
  • Improved: Keyboard navigation in save site popup.
  • Improved: Filling on aa.com.
  • Improved: Vault renders faster.
  • Improved: Hide Share option if enterprise policy disallows.

v3.10 - April 29th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Security Challenge redesign.
  • New: Sites/Notes/Form Fills now support a view mode.
  • New: Right click menu in vault.
  • Improved: A large number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Improved: Fixed memory leak.
  • Improved: Faster vault loading for large data sets.

v3.1.95 - April 24nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Font used in firefox password field to help distinguish ambigious characters.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Improved: Fix radio buttons honoring setting to not overwrite fields already filled.
  • Improved: Retain last window location for LastPass for Applications.
  • Fixed: Prevent invalid error when moving sites into a shared folder.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in IE.
  • Fixed: Renaming subfolder of shared folder.
  • Fixed: Incorrect defaulting to en-AU language settings in IE.
  • Fixed: Better synchronization of login state across IE tabs.

v3.2.0/3.2.1 - April 20th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Handling of 3 field login forms.
  • Improved: Detection of password changes, less false positives.
  • Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Improved: Added missing translations.
  • Fixed: Prevent refresh of non-LastPass.com domains when logged out.
  • Fixed: Show rename popup only once.
  • Fixed: Require Multifactor policy for lesser used multifactor options.
  • Fixed: Show attachment menu sometimes not shown.
  • Fixed: Filter formfills if using an identity.
  • Fixed: Bulk delete of sites by selecting many in vault using ctrl/shift.
  • Fixed: Open site in current tab if on chrome: url.

v3.1.96/3.1.97 - March 25th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Auto Password Change support for sites with captchas.
  • Fixed: Field value encoding bug.

v3.1.94/3.1.95 - March 23rd 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • Improved: Filling for difficult sites like capitalone.com, webex.com, fidelity.com and citibank.com.
  • Improved: Better support for keyboard navigation in menu.
  • Fixed: Attachment saving on Mac (must also reinstall helper app).
  • Fixed: Memory leak on pages that rapidly dynamically adds and removes inputs.
  • Fixed: Delete field values for certain input names.
  • Fixed: Prevent field icons from showing in non-relevant inputs.

v3.0.0.88 - March 18th 2015 -- Windows Metro App

  • Fixed: Issue where logging out on idle timeout could prevent re-login.

v3.9 - March 17th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Attachments can be added to and downloaded from Secure Notes.
  • New: Add Folder option now available in Add menu.
  • New: If you quit the app without logging out, LastPass will attempt to restore your session automatically and will display an animated logging in screen.
  • New: Mark a Secure Note as a Favorite.
  • Improved: Identities menu is now shown as a collapsible list.
  • Improved: A number of minor UI enhancements.
  • Fixed: Prevent duplicate 'Did you Know?' messages from showing in vault.
  • Fixed: Command+c copying feature improved to only copy highlighted text.
  • Fixed: Sizing of the custom Secure Note pane.

v3.1.92 - March 2nd 2015 -- IE/Firefox

  • New: Local vault UI/UX cleanup in IE.
  • New: Display attachment names.
  • New: Stability improvements.
  • New: Improved getting started screen.
  • New: Option to control matching sites badge number in Firefox.
  • Improved: Obscure passwords in secure note templates in IE.
  • Improved: Memory impact when navigating browser significantly better.
  • Improved: Never URL handling of sites with frames.
  • Fixed: Filling on webex.com, streetscape.com
  • Fixed: Rename and delete of subfolders in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Respect never autofill setting for basic auth sites.
  • Fixed: Prevent logout in Firefox during login if reusing master password.
  • Fixed: Delete formfill in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.

v3.8 - February 25th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Switching Identities supported in vault.
  • New: If a secure note doesn't have a password field, use Cmd+C to copy the note.
  • New: Sites and Secure Notes can be moved into Shared Folders.
  • New: Warning that using multifactor authentication without disabling offline access may leave data accessible when logged in offline.
  • Improved: Shared login state, particularly when disable offline is set.
  • Fixed: Password fields in Secure Notes are now hidden by default and can be toggled to be visible.
  • Fixed: Logo cut off on retina displays.
  • Fixed: Set country code in phone input when country was set.
  • Fixed: Edge case where Mac App vault would still pop open if logged into browser.
  • Fixed: Crash when saving a site on Mac OSX 10.8.

v3.1.90/3.1.91 - February 9th 2015 -- Chrome/Safari

  • New: Detect if CSP blocks our field icon popup.
  • Improved: Field icon popup placement on sites with framesets.
  • Fixed: launch site edge cases.
  • Fixed: saving and filling on streetscape.com.
  • Fixed: Prevent rendering anomalies on certain sites.

v3.7 - February 6th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Continue to show folders when search.
  • New: Support for disable trust enterprise override.
  • New: Local data is now doubly encrypted when using Yubikey and Sesame.
  • Improved: Some performance enhancements.
  • Fixed: Preferences dialog doesn't erroneously warn while saving.

v3.6 - January 28th 2015 -- Mac App

  • New: Dock icon is no longer visible unless the vault window is open.
  • New: Added support to copy a password with the Command + C hotkey.
  • New: Added support for Grid multifactor authentication.
  • New: Support Enterprise policy overrides for logout options and remember password.
  • Improved: vertical resizing.
  • Improved: Changed multifactor authentication input to a secure text field.
  • Fixed: Issue causing the vault to pop up if logging in from the browser.
  • Fixed: “Add” button now supported when in edit mode.
  • Fixed: Editing Form Fill credit card profiles.
  • Fixed: Editing non-English Form Fill profiles.
  • Fixed: Trusted device status for multifactor authentication to show Mac App.

v3.1.88/3.1.89 - January 16th 2015 -- Safari/Chrome

  • New: Show button to automatically change password for weak/duplicate sites.
  • New: Automatically change password for sites in Shared Folders.
  • Fixed: Password reprompt loop issue.
  • Fixed: Edit password protected applications.