Security, Measured.

LastPass Enterprise is a trusted solution used by over 25,000 businesses to create, enforce, and measure a meaningful access management policy.
The Better Choice For Teams.
A truly integrated Single Sign-On and access management solution, with support for every cloud app and every password.

Mitigate Risk

A data breach can cost millions. Mitigate risk and secure your enterprise, today.

Increase Compliance

Manage and enforce a strong password policy while streamlining admin control.

Be Efficient

Increase productivity company-wide and save employees nearly an hour a month.

"With LastPass, passwords were not lost when staff left and passwords could be securely shared among staff members needing to access our many shared technology tools. Administrators could ensure access to technology was appropriate and controlled."

Michelle Page, VP of Finance & Administration,

Mitigate Risk Effectively.
You can’t protect what you can’t measure. LastPass Enterprise has the tools you need to manage access and reduce risks across your organization.

Thwart Phishing Attacks

Websites posing as others will not match stored records, and will not be autofilled by LastPass.

Eliminate Password Reuse

Provide a toolset that ensures employees use unique, strong passwords at every site.

Manage Security Policies

Use over 50 configurable security and access policies to safeguard company assets.

Improve Compliance.
Enforce policies, track usage through detailed reporting, and take control of employee access.
Reduce Costs.
Uncover the hidden costs of forgotten passwords and new employee onboarding, plus save on infrastructure by moving to the cloud.
Number of employees using LastPass Employees
Average logins/employee/month* 220 Logins
Average time/login (seconds)* 15 Seconds
Average time spent per employee per month on logins (hours) .91667 Hours
LastPass Price Per User Price Per User
Hourly wage per employee (input your average) USD Per Hours
Annual time value spent on logins USD Per Year
LastPass annual investment USD Per Year
Annual recurring ROI USD Per Year
Days to break even Days

*Calculator based on average pulled from aggregate data from 5,000 LastPass Enterprise clients.
Average employee logins per day: 11. Average seconds per login: 15