All-inclusive password management

When passwords are created and managed for employees, secure password habits are the norm.
Automate password tasks
LastPass does the work of creating, remembering, and filling in passwords, so employees can focus on the real work.

Log in and go

Employees won't have to type or recall any of their passwords. LastPass saves and fills their logins as they work.

Generate secure passwords

The password generator creates a new, random, strong password on the spot.

Share effortlessly

Team members can conveniently share passwords, without resorting to insecure options like email or chat.

A vault for every employee
Keep things simple for employees with one place to store and find every password.

One master password

Give users what they truly want: one password to remember that unlocks access to the rest of their websites and apps.

Access everywhere

Whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, their account is backed up and synced where they need it.

Used by millions

LastPass is the password manager of choice for millions of people - and your employees will love it, too.

Security for work and personal
Employees can link a personal LastPass vault with their work vault to organize passwords in the right place.

Two vaults, securely linked

Employees can link a personal vault to their work vault, so they have convenient access to all their passwords while IT maintains control over corporate credentials.

Sort passwords to the right vault

As employees sign up for new services, LastPass puts passwords in the right place automatically. When they leave, employees only take personal passwords with them.