Snapchat was hacked, confirmed by Snapchat on Dec 27, 2013

Snapchat has confirmed that hackers stole millions of customer usernames and phone numbers. This information was first found by a site named and was first reported to TechCrunch.

If you have ever had a Snapchat account, we suggest that you:

  1. Consider deleting your Snapchat account, since you can't change your existing Snapchat username.
  2. Be wary of phone calls that attempt to phish personal or confidential information from you.
  3. As a precautionary measure, change your Snapchat password and all passwords to sites that you use the same password for.
    The LastPass security challenge can assist you in doing so.
  4. Enter your Snapchat username below to find out if your personal information was leaked. If we find that your information was leaked, then we'll also show you your phone number.
  5. Check if your Snapchat username or phone number lowers the strength of any passwords you have to any websites you use. If so, change those passwords too.

Was *My* Snapchat Information Leaked?

If you would like to find out if your Snapchat username was one of the 4.6 million that were leaked, you can use the below tool:

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Wait a Minute, Why Is This Tool Safe?

The above tool asks you to enter your Snapchat username, and then computes its SHA-1 hash and sends the result to to search the list of 4.6 million leaked usernames. A hash is a mathematical function that is simple to perform in one direction, but very difficult to reverse. Meaning, the tool will convert your username into a series of characters in such a way that it will be very difficult to re-construct your original username.

Only the hash of your username will be sent to's servers, not your actual username. This hash will not be stored or logged at all. Please view source the page if you're technically inclined.

I just want to see how it works...

Try any name you can think of . e.g. -- 'justmyusername' is in there. So is 'myusernamefool'.

So what should I do now?

Start better managing your online life with LastPass. LastPass will help you store all of your usernames and passwords in one secure, central location. You can update old passwords with randomly generated ones, and let LastPass do the work of remembering them and filling them for you. You can download the LastPass addon here.

Do you also have a LinkedIn, eHarmony,, or Adobe account?

All of these services were also compromised, you can check them too.
See if your Adobe password was compromised.
See if your LinkedIn password was compromised.
See if your password was compromised.
See if your eHarmony password was compromised.