Apple UDID leak 9/4/2012

If you have an Apple device you can check to see if your data was leaked. Details on the leak

First locate your UDID:

  1. Plug your Apple into your computer and open iTunes.
  2. On the left bar, the device should appear. Click to open it.
  3. iPhone name and serial number should appear in the right panel.
  4. Clicking on the serial number should make the UDID appear.

Was *My* Apple unique device ID (UDID) leaked?

If you would like to find out if your UDID was one of the 1 million UDIDs leaked, you can use the below tool

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I just want to see how it works...

Type in 0000 and see some of the data returned for UDIDs that start with 0000.

Wait a Minute, Is This Tool Safe?

We would recommend you avoid giving us your full UDID, just give us the first 5 or more alpha numeric characters of it to see if it was on the leaked list.

So what should I do now?

Are you using the same passwords on any sites? That's a bad idea, you can download the LastPass addon here to help you avoid that.

A number of other services were recently compromised as well.

See if your LinkedIn account was leaked. See if your eHarmony password was leaked. See if your account was leaked.